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GLOCOM Interviews

U.S.-Japan Investing

hosted by Dr. Dennis Laurie

Interview transcripts from U.S.-Japan Investing, a bi-weekly television program from UHF Ch. 22 serving Los Angeles and Southern California.

This page provides links to edited interview transcripts with leading Japanese and American business and government experts on matters of trade, industry, and investment as it relates to the U.S. and Japan.

About Dennis Laurie and U.S.-Japan Investing

Interviewer and program host Dennis Laurie, Ph.D.
Dennis Laurie is a Senior Research Fellow at the Drucker School of Management at the Claremont Graduate School in California, where he earned his MBA and Ph.D. studying under Peter Drucker. He has a BS in physics and an MS in statistics, both from UCLA, and has taught global management at the University of California, Irvine.

His best-selling Yankee Samurai was published by Harper Business in late 1992. The Japanese translation appeared in early 1993. Dr. Laurie lectures, consults, and writes mainly on U.S.-Japan issues. In Los Angeles he hosts a popular television program, U.S.-Japan Investing, featuring interviews with leading Japanese and American business and government experts.

Edited transcripts

Broadcast August 4, 1999: "Japan's Present Economic Situation"
Guest: Takahiro Miyao, Professor, University of Southern California, and GLOCOM, International University of Japan

Broadcast August 18, 1999: "AT&T's Wireless Strategy"
Guest: Glenn Lurie, General Manager, Vice President, AT&T Wireless Services

Broadcast September 1, 1999: "Cathay Pacific's Bid for Asia"
Guest: Dennis Owen, Sales Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways

Broadcast September 15, 1999: "Hitachi's Restructuring"
Guest: Tetsuo Saito, Senior Representative, Hitachi, Ltd.

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