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Special Interview Series video
  • Gary Bremermann "Executive Consulting - What Clients and Candidates Need to Know" New
  • Dave Mori "Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo - Taking Care of Business"
  • Anthony D'Costa "Indian IT Companies: Making a Market in Japan"
  • C. Jeffrey Char "Entrepreneur's Life in Japan"
  • Teppo Turkki "I.T. Across Cultures"
  • Andrew Horvat "A Constitutional Court for Japan?"
  • Larry Kubota "Making Movies in Japan"
  • Rene Duignan "What's Behind the Numbers?"
  • Yoshisuke Iinuma "Japanese Pension Plan Politics"
  • "GLOCOM Platform Special Interview Series"
  • Ippei Yamazawa "Japan and East Asian Economic Integration"
  • Michio Katsumata "The Joy of Ghost Writing"
  • Ken Belson "The Remarkable Story of a Billion Dollar Feline"
  • Yoshihiro Tsurumi "Japan's Quid-Pro-Quo in Iraq"
  • Yoshifumi Fukuzawa "Signs of Hope Seen on Recovery from 'Five Ds'"
  • Robert Whiting "The Meaning of Ichiro"
  • Tomohiko Taniguchi "The World's Biggest Landlord: The Chinese Communist Party"
  • Velisarios Kattoulas "The Modern Yakuza"
  • Yukari Sato "Rising Productivity, But Hampered by Deflation"
  • Jeffrey Kingston "Japan's Quiet Revolution"
  • Howard French "A Professional Observer's Thoughts on Japan"
  • Mikie Kiyoi "Redefining Internationalism"
  • Eric Dinmore "TVA Enthusiasm"
  • Kumi Sato "PR Shacho Calls the Shots"
  • Toyoo Gyohten "A Common Currency and Moral Responsibility"
  • Daniel Dolan "Managing Post-Grad Training Post-9/11"
  • Tsuruaki Yukawa "Covering the Sony-Microsoft War"
  • Joichi Ito "Japan's Top Internet Entrepreneur"
  • Eric Williams "Environmental Implications of the IT Revolution"
  • Jeffrey Funk "Why Markets Outside Japan Missed the Mobile Web"
  • Gregory Clark "Demand-Driven Solutions"
  • This series is produced in cooperation with WWJ (Wireless Watch Japan), which actually administers interviews for GLOCOM.
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  • U.S.-Japan Investing
  • Program Transcripts Archive.

    U.S.-Japan Investing is a bi-weekly television program from UHF Ch. 22, serving Los Angeles and Southern California, featuring interviews with leading Japanese and American business and government experts on trade, industry, and investment as it relates to the U.S. and Japan.

    The show's host, Dr. Dennis Laurie, has given GLOCOM permission to make transcripts of his interviews available on the GLOCOM Platform web site.

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