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Debate: Comment

Response to the Three Essays on Regulatory Reform

Masatoshi HAYASE (Managing Director, JETRO in Melbourne, Australia)

I commend your actions to promote more dialogue with foreign countries, especially on the essential subjects of regulatory reform and information technology in Japan.

I found all three papers to be well-prepared, comprehensive and excellent resources. If I may be allowed to pick up just one point common to the three papers; it may be worthwhile to raise the idea of how Japan can relate their efforts and undertakings of deregulation to share with and benefit the rest of the world, after the measures have been completed. This vision perhaps needs to be demonstrated especially to foreigners.

I would also like to refer to a policy paper published last year by the Japanese Government, titled Economic Rebirth Programme, October 19th, 2000, which clearly illustrates the future of Japan as that of a knowledge-oriented society. Future essay topics covering this concept based on this kind of future vision would be most welcome.

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