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Past Debates (1998 - December 2000)  Latest Debates
[October - December 2000]
Comment Comments on the Kobayashi essay, "Japan's Individualism in Globalization Trends"
    Comments from:
    Koichi MERA (University of Southern California)
    Marc BELIVEAU (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
    John DE BOER (University of Tokyo)
    Takahiro MIYAO (GLOCOM)
GLOCOM Forum Netizens and the Information Society at a Crossroad: Facing the Emergence of Cyber-Activism (held at Arcadia Ichigaya in Tokyo on November 2, 2000)

Keynote Speech: Shumpei Kumon (See the "Opinions" page)
Workshop Session (Three workshops)
General Discussion Session (See the "Debates" page)

NY Forum Japanese Culture and Business Globalization in the IT Revolution (October 2, 2000)
Part 1: Japanse Business Culture and Globalization
    Keynote Speaker:
    Yotaro KOBAYASHI (Chairman, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.)
    (See the "Opinions" page for the summary of his speech)
    Katsuto MOMII (President and CEO, Mitsui & Co. USA, Inc.)
    John BUSSEY (Foreign Editor, The Wall Street Journal)
Part 2: Japanese Network Culture and the IT Revolution
    Shumpei KUMON (Executive Director, GLOCOM)
    (See the "Opinions" page for the text of his speech)
    Alan WESTIN (President, Institute for Social and Legal Research)
    (See the "Opinions" page for the summary of his speech)
    Katsuto MOMII (President and CEO, Mitsui & Co., USA, Inc.)
    John BUSSEY (Foreign Editor, The Wall Street Journal)
    Other participants:
    David ISENBERG (President,
    Hugh PATRICK (Professor, Columbia University)
    Takahiro MIYAO (Professor, GLOCOM)
[February - September 2000]
Online Debate "On the Bank of Japan's Interest Rate Policy"
Online Debate "Japanese Corporate Reform: Global Convergence or Path-Dependent Evolution?"
    Ronald DORE (Professor, University of London)
    Masahiro OKUNO (Professor, Tokyo University)
    James Masaakira KONDO (Consultant, Mckinsey Global Institute)
    Tatsuya TERAZAWA (Director for Policy Planning, MITI)
    Takahiro MIYAO (Professor, GLOCOM)
Online Debate Open Debate on the Digital Divide in Japan and Asia
July 19 (Wednesday)
Intial Discussion on "The Digital Divide in the IT Revolution"
    Jiro KOKURYO(Professor, Keio University)
    Teruyasu MURAKAMI (Executive Managing Director, Nomura Research Institute)
    Takahiro MIYAO (Professor, GLOCOM, IUJ)
    with Shumpei KUMON's comment
July 19 (Wednesday) - 21(Friday)
Open Discussion on "The Digital Divide in Japan and Asia"
International Symposium Perspectives of the 21st Century: Culture and Globalization
(hosted by Japan Foundation at the World Summit Center in Miyazaki)
Date: June 19


    Moderator: Masakazu Yamazaki
    Keynote Speaker: Hayao Kawai
    Roland Robertson (UK)
    Emmanuel Todd (France)
    Kim Moon-Hwan (Korea)
    Nurcholish Madjid (Indonesia)
    Wolf Lepenies (Germany)
Online Debate What Caused the Asian Crisis and How to Prevent Its Recurrence
May 24 (Wed), 9:00-11:00 (in Japan time)
    Takashi SHIRAISHI, Professor, Kyoto University
    Toshihiko KINOSHITA, Professor, Waseda University
    Takahiro MIYAO, Professor, GLOCOM, Int'l Univ. of Japan

Preliminary Discussion on Asia's Crisis and Recovery

This online debate was based on the preliminary e-mail discussion between Prof. Kinoshita and Prof. Miyao on May 22.

Online Debate Evaluation of Keizo Obuchi's Economic Policy and Future Prospects
April 20-21, 2000
    Kazuhito IKEO, Professor, Keio University (Tokyo)
    Koichi MERA, Professor, Univ. of Southern California (Los Angeles)
    Takahiro MIYAO, Professor, GLOCOM, Int'l Univ. of Japan (Tokyo)
[1998 - February 2000]
Education Education in the Information Age

February 21, 2000. Round-table discussion on the use of computers in the Japanese education system and the current situation of computer-assisted education in Japan.

Nuclear Policy The Tokaimura Nuclear Accident

November 25, 1999 discussion of Japan's nuclear policy in the aftermath of the accident at the Tokaimura nuclear fuel fabrication facility.

Local Revitalization Local Revitalization in the Global Age

September 22, GLOCOM staff and guests examined prospects for revitalization of local communities in the global age of information technology.

Roppongi 6-Chome Redevelopment Roppongi 6-Chome Redevelopment

Views from Japan for May 25, 1999 looked at the ambitious project by Mori Building Co. for redevelopment of Roppongi's 6th district. Description of the project by Mori Building Co.'s Executive Director was followed by discussion. RealVideo of the entire debate is available.

Y2K (II) Japan and Y2K Revisited

The topic of the March 17, 1999 meeting was "Japan and Y2K Revisited", focusing on how Japan's Y2K preparations and readiness status are viewed overseas, and on perceptions within Japan regarding Japan's Y2K activities.

Real Estate How to Revive the Japanese Real Estate Market

On January 27, 1999 the third debate focused on "How to Revive the Japanese Real Estate Market".  RealVideo of the entire debate is available, see the discussion page for details.

Y2K Japan and The YEAR 2000 Problem

Y2K and Japan was the topic of the November 18, 1998 meeting.  Two key questions were addressed: "How serious is the Y2K problem in Japan?" and "Is the current Japanese government Y2K action plan sufficient? If not, how can the plan be improved?"

Inaugural Meeting Session 1: Japan's Financial Crisis and its Impact on Asia
Session 2: Japan's Policy Response to North Korea's Rocket Launch

Inaugural meeting, October 6, 1998. Two separate topics were discussed: the Financial Situation in Japan and its Impact on Asia, and Japan's Policy Response to North Korea's Missile Launch.

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