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Debate: Comments

Comments on the Okuda paper and the Shinohara paper

Comments on the Okuda paper:

Rosanne Costin (from Australia)
This paper is well-written, well-argued and succinct: it provides one main idea and debates the issue in a simple, easy-to-understand manner free of excessive jargon.

Christopher P. Hood (from UK)
I think this paper addresses the important issues still facing the world as to whether IT is a skill or a social change very well. It is a debate that is not given enough attention on the whole.

Martin Vukovich (from Austria)
Public guidance for people dealing with IT, to keep them informed about risks and opportunities is necessary. The social security network is gaining importance since people employed by the new economy will often have to change their job.

Comments on the Shinohara paper:

Rosanne Costin (from Australia)
This paper also tries to maintain a tight focus, however, the arguments are not as clearly written as the paper above and then is a tendency towards use of jargon which the writer assumes the reader understands. That said, I still think the argument does come through by the end of the article.

Christopher P. Hood (from UK)
This paper is quite short so does not have enough space to look at all the issues in detail - but is a good overview for those unfamiliar with the topic.

Martin Vukovich (from Austria)
The impact of the IT revolution on economic growth cycles is a fascinating question. Coming years will tell us whether previous experiences are still relevant or not.

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