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Japan in the News: Archives
(News selected by Mikihiro Maeda, GLOCOM Platform)


  • Japan's November Exports Rise 13.4%; Surplus Narrows   [Bloomberg:12/22]
  • Japan's Koizumi Again Says He Hopes to Visit Iraq   [Reuters:12/22]
  • Government adopts FTA policy focusing on partners in Asia  by REIJI YOSHIDA, Staff writer [Japan Times:12/22]
  • Japan opposition sees chance to take power  by Paul Wiseman and Naoko Nishiwaki [USA TODAY:12/19]

  • [12/21/'04]
  • Japan PM seeks N.Korea response on abductees-Kyodo  by Reuters [Reuters AlertNet:12/21]
  • Japan issues visa for ex-Taiwan president  by MARI YAMAGUCHI, ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER [Seattle Post Intelligencer:12/20]
  • Japan moves to cut crushing debt load  by Mayumi Otsuma, Bloomberg News [International Herald Tribune:12/21]
  • Japan PM tells public broadcaster NHK to clean up its act  by AFP [Channel News Asia:12/20]

  • [12/20/'04]
  • Poll shows Japanese frosty toward Chinese   [Reuters:12/18] *See News Review
  • Chief Yasukuni priest brings business savvy to shrine  by REIJI YOSHIDA, Staff writer [Japan Times:12/20]
  • Analysis: U.S., Japan, China reverse WWII roles  by Martin Sieff, UPI Senior News Analyst [World Peace Herald:12/7]
  • Japan's Princess Kikuko Dies at 92  by KENJI HALL, Associated Press Writer [Newsday:12/19]

  • [12/17/'04]
  • S.Korea and Japan Keep Up Summit Shuttle on North   [Reuters:12/16]
  • Seven presumed North Koreans seek refuge in Beijing Japanese school  by Frederic J. Brown - (AFP/file) [Turkish Press:12/17]
  • Bank of Japan leaves ultra-easy monetary policy unchanged  by AFP [Channel News Asia:12/17]
  • Japan offers to help secure Malacca Strait   [Jakarta Post:12/17]

  • [12/16/'04]
  • Japanese big groups' confidence declines  by David Pilling and Barney Jopson in Tokyo [Financial Times:12/15] *See News Review
  • Machimura Says Japan to Decide on N. Korea Sanctions Next Week   [Bloomberg:12/16]
  • Japan Approves Visa for Ex-Taiwan Leader  by AP [Guardian:12/16]
  • Tokyo quake 'could kill 13,000'   [CNN International:12/16]

  • [12/15/'04]
  • N. Korea threat over sanctions  by Associated Press [CNN International:12/15]
  • Poll shows Japan's hardening attitude to China  by David Pilling in Tokyo [Financial Times:12/14]
  • US ambassador supports Japan's bid for veto in UN    [Philippine Daily Inquirer:12/14]
  • Bankruptcies fall for 23rd straight month   [Japan Times:12/15]

  • [12/14/'04]
  • Survey upbeat on Japan labour  by Jeremy Grant in Chicago [Financial Times:12/14]
  • Japan to train Iraq election officials  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:12/14]
  • Japan's FSA and US Agree to Share Information on Criminal Funds   [Bloomberg:12/14]
  • Japan advised to promote "Gross National Cool" as foreign policy   by AFP [Yahoo News:12/13]

  • [12/13/'04]
  • Pacifist Japan boosts 'self-defence' measures   by John Martin and agencies [Guardian:12/10]
  • Japan PM's Support Slides on Iraq concerns - Paper  by Reuters [ABC News:12/11]
  • Japan to fingerprint visitors, put air marshals on flights  by AFP [Channel News Asia:12/10]
  • Japan, German leaders agree to cooperate on UN reform    by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:12/9]

  • [12/9/'04]
  • Japan protests N. Korean lie about abductee  by The Associated Press [MSNBC:12/8] *See News Review
  • Japan extends Iraq military mission until December 2005  by AFP [Turkish Press:12/9] *See News Review
  • Japan blasts China after `research' ship intrudes in EEZ  by AP [Taipei Times:12/9]
  • Japan Account Surplus Grows 7.4 Pct.   by Associated Press [Forbes:12/8]

  • [12/8/'04]
  • Japan May Halt N. Korea Food Aid After Remains Prove False   [Bloomberg:12/8]
  • Baker to step down as Japan ambassador  by NANCY ZUCKERBROD, ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER [Seattle Post Intelligencer:12/7]
  • US animated by Japan's `anime'  by AP [Taipei Times:12/8]
  • Best schools are in Finland and the far east   by Polly Curtis, education correspondent [Guardian:12/7]

  • [12/7/'04]
  • In From the Cold  by JIM FREDERICK [Time:12/5] *See News Review
  • Northern Japan hit by new powerful quake  by AFP [Channel News Asia:12/7]
  • IT firm Softbank aims to enter Japan's mobile sector as 3G grows  by AFP [Turkish Press:12/6]
  • Japan heading for extinction   by Noriko Sakakibara / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer [Daily Yomiuri:12/6]

  • [12/6/'04]

  • Japan to cut defense budget again  by UPI [Washington Times:12/3]
  • Japan's Capital Spending Rose 14.4% in Third Quarter   [Bloomberg:12/3]
  • Middle-Aged Monster Godzilla Still Charms His Fans  by Linda Sieg [Reuters:12/2]
  • Japan's tough-guy director Kitano becomes professor   by Agencies [China Daily:12/3]

  • [12/2/'04]
  • First step to an 'open door'  [Japan Times:12/2]
  • Japan needs to improve its English strategy  by Ikuo Koike [Asahi Shimbun:12/1]
  • Japan is set to extend its military role in Iraq  by Norimitsu Onishi, The New York Times [International Herald Tribune:12/2]
  • Japan mulls visa waiver for South Korean tourists  [Xinhua:12/1]

  • [12/1/'04]


  • Heading for higher taxes   [Japan Times:11/29]
  • Koizumi: Japan ready to stop China aid   [China Daily:11/29]
  • Powerful quake rocks northern Japan, injuring 13   by AFP [Channel News Asia:11/29]
  • After decades of tense relations, Japanese TV fans are crazy for Korea  by Mari Yamaguchi, The Associated Press [Daily Breeze:11/28]

  • [11/26/'04]
  • Japan's Kitashiro Urges Koizumi to End War Shrine Visits   [Bloomberg:11/26]
  • Japan eyes eliminating aid to China  by AP [The Malaysia Star:11/26]
  • Japan eyes policy on pushing for FTA   [Xinhua:11/26]
  • Lighten Iraq's debt load   [Japan Times:11/26]

  • [11/25/'04]
  • Leave the Past Behind  by Bill Powell [Time Asia:11/29] *See News Review
  • Japanese want troops to leave Iraq  by AFP [Al-Jazeera:11/25]
  • Japan, Asean countries to forge anti-terrorist accord in Laos  by AP [The Malaysia Star:11/25]
  • Japan Oct. trade surplus up 8.8% y/y  by Osamu Tsukimori [CBS]

  • [11/24/'04]
  • Japan will never war with China: PM  by AFP [Daily Times:11/24]
  • Japan backs U.N. peace efforts  by UPI [Washington Times:11/24]
  • Demand for services shows uptick in Japan  by Lindsay Whipp, Bloomberg News [International Herald Tribune:11/25]
  • Yen Weakens Versus Euro on Concern Japan May Sell Its Currency   [Bloomberg:11/24]

  • [11/22/'04]
  • China's Hu Asks Koizumi to End War Shrine Visits   [Bloomberg:11/22]
  • Russia, Japan fail to make progress in peace talks  by AFP [Channel News Asia:11/22]
  • End to Japanese tax cuts hinges on economy says Minister  by REUTERS [New Zealand Herald:11/22]
  • Chirac advocates UNSC seat for India, Germany, Japan, others  by Nabanita Sircar, London [ UK edition:11/20]

  • [11/19/'04]
  • Japan, China to hold talks  by Associated Press [Indianapolis Star:11/19]
  • Koizumi faces tough diplomacy at APEC  by Masayuki Kitano [Reuters:11/19]
  • Japan media doubts N Korea on abductees   [BBC News:11/17]
  • Le Beaujolais est arrivé: but where are the buyers?  by John Lichfield in Paris [The Independent:11/18] *See News Review

  • [11/17/'04]

  • Japan 'Unsatisfied' on Abductees   [BBC:11/15] *See News Review
  • Japan considers sanctions against North Korea after abduction talks  by CHISAKI WATANABE, Associated Press Writer [San Francisco Chronicle:11/15]
  • China-Japan energy disputes to bubble on the sidelines of Apec  by AFP [Khaleej Times:11/15]
  • Japan to continue building ties with US   [Xinhua:11/16]

  • [11/15/'04]
  • Preparation underway for marriage of Japanese princess   [Xinhua:11/15]
  • Japan demands apology from China  by UPI [Washington Times:11/14]
  • Russia makes overture on Kurils   [BBC News:11/14]
  • Schwarzenegger Promotes California During Visit to Japan  by Steve Herman [Voice of America:11/12]

  • [11/12/'04]
  • Japan protests to China over 'intrusion'  by AFP [Al-Jazeera:11/12]
  • Japan Edges Toward Bigger Security Role   by Patrick Goodenough, International Editor [Cybercast News Service:11/12]
  • Progress on Japanese abductees   [BBC News:11/12]
  • Yen up sharply in volatile Asian trade after Japan GDP data  by AFP [Channel News Asia:11/12]

  • [11/11/'04]
  • Why U.S., Japan must defend Taiwan  by Taiwan News [eTaiwan News:11/11] *See News Review
  • FM: "China attack" hypes in Japanese media baseless    [Xinhua:11/10]
  • Japan's Democrats turn up heat on PM  by Linda Sieg TOKYO, Reuters [China Post:11/11]
  • Japan, N Korea discuss missing   [BBC News:11/10]

  • [11/10/'04]

  • Japan intends to set up intelligence station at East China Sea  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:11/9]
  • North Korea captive talks resuming  by The Associated Press [International Herald Tribune:11/9]
  • Japan denies ending bid for nuclear fusion project  by Reuters [Reuters AlertNet:11/9]
  • Schwarzenegger Prepares For Trade Trip To Japan   [KCRA-TV:11/8]

  • [11/8/'04]
  • PM says Japan military must contribute to global safety  by AFP [Channel News Asia:11/7]
  • Japan Defense Agency set 3 scenarios of "China attack"  by Kyodo [People's Daily Online:11/8]
  • Japan's foreign exchange reserves hit new high   [Xinhua:11/8]
  • Another quake hits northern Japan  by AP [CNN International:11/8]

  • [11/5/'04]


  • Japan's Base in Southern Iraq Attacked, No One Hurt   [Bloomberg:11/2]
  • Tabuse Set to Make History  by Steven Koek, []
  • Rakuten gets nod for new Japanese baseball team  by JIM ARMSTRONG, Associated Press Writer [San Francisco Chronicle:11/2]
  • Law banning drivers from using mobile phones takes effect   [Mainichi Shimbun:11/1]

  • [11/1/'04]
  • Japanese troops to stay in Iraq   [BBC:10/31] *See News Review
  • Japan's bank notes get new look for first time in 20 years  by Michiyo Ishida, Channel NewsAsia's Japan Bureau Chief [Channel News Asia:11/1]
  • Japan's September Tax Revenue Rises 18.9%, Government Says  by Bloomberg [China Daily:11/1]
  • Japan, South Korea Hold Free Trade Talks  by Associated Press [Forbes:11/1]

  • [10/29/'04]
  • Japan Emperor Discourages Overt Patriotism  by KENJI HALL, Associated Press Writer [Guardian:10/28]
  • Japan's jobless rate falls, deflation shows signs of easing  by AFP [Channel News Asia:10/29]
  • Japan hosts round of WMD drills at sea  by (Agencies) [China Daily:10/26]
  • Paris mayor to visit China, Japan  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:10/28]

  • [10/28/'04]
  • Japanese boy to survive four days after quake  by L.A. Phoenix []
  • No 2nd miracle in Japan quake,100,000 in shelters  by Kimimasa Mayama [Reuters:10/28]
  • Japan Still Counting Typhoon, Earthquake Damage Cost   [Bloomberg:10/28]
  • US Soldier Killed, Japan Threatened to Leave Iraq, British Troops Head North in Preparation For Assault on Falluja  by Alistair Lyon BAGHDAD (Reuters) []

  • [10/27/'04]

  • Japan quake survivors face rain and tremors  by Issei Kato [Reuters:10/26]
  • Death toll rises in Japan earthquake  by AFP [Independent Online:10/26]
  • Russia extends condolences to Japan over earthquakes, typhoon   [Xinhua:10/24]
  • Powell Meets Japanese Leaders on North Korea's Nuclear Program  by Steve Herman, VOA News [Epoch Times:10/24]

  • [10/25/'04]


  • America and Japan: From crossed swords to plowshares  by HOWARD BAKER [Houston Chronicle:10/21]
  • Japan's trade surplus rises 12.7 percent in September  by AFP [Channel News Asia:10/21]
  • Scholarly conference to analyze Godzilla  by AP [Japan Times:10/20]
  • Typhoon Kills 62 in Japan, Deadliest in 20 Years  by Masayuki Kitano [Reuters:10/21]

  • [10/20/'04]
  • Typhoon kills at least 2 in Japan  by Reuters []
  • Japan probe claims Citigroup trio  by Reuters []
  • Ambassador Wang Yi on China's Japan policy   [People's Daily Online:10/19]
  • Pension arrears hit record high in Japan   [Big News]

  • [10/19/'04]
  • Bush Signs N Korea Aid Laws  by AFP [ABC NewsOnline:10/19] *See News Review
  • Japanese lawmakers visit shrine   [People's Daily:10/19]
  • Japan Air, All Nippon Cancel 267 Flights Because of Typhoon   [Bloomberg:10/19]
  • Google founders tout new projects in Japan   [Mainichi Shimbun:10/19]

  • [10/18/'04]
  • China 'may have gas projects in Japan area'  by Reuters [Straits Times:10/18]
  • Foreign minister: Japan committed to reducing U.S. military presence on Okinawa  by Chiyomi Sumida, Stars and Stripes [Stars and Stripes:10/18]
  • Japan will pay if ODA slides  by KEIZO NABESHIMA [Japan Times:10/18]
  • Softbank warms up to buy baseball team  by Tomomi Sekioka and Yoshiko Matsushita, Bloomberg News [International Herald Tribune:10/19]

  • [10/17/'04]
  • 5 nations elected to UN Security Council  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:10/16]
  • Powell to Visit East Asia  by VOA News [Chosun Ilbo:10/17]
  • Japan upholds Minamata ruling  by Bethan Jinkinson, BBC [BBC News:10/15]
  • Peru tells Japan Fujimori headed criminal group  by AFP [Channel News Asia:10/17]

  • [10/15/'04]
  • Japan denies endorsing Bush in US election  by AP [Khaleej Times:10/15]
  • Koizumi to seek Asian support for UN bid  by AFP, AP [Straits Times:10/15]
  • Japan Current Account Surplus Rises  by Steve Herman, Tokyo [Voice of America:10/15]
  • Japan's wholesale inflation up sharply, fastest rise in 13 years  by AFP [Channel News Asia:10/14]

  • [10/14/'04]
  • Japan Must Watch for Effect of Oil Price Rise, Koizumi Says   [Bloomberg:10/14]
  • Matsuya brings back 'gyudon' with Chinese beef   [Japan Times:10/14] *See News Review
  • Microsoft Launches Music Service in Japan  by ABC News [ABC News:10/13]
  • Made in Japan  by Jason Hill [The Age:10/14]

  • [10/13/'04]
  • Whoever wins US election, Japan's economic reform policy seen on track   by AFP [Channel News Asia:10/13]
  • Japan pledges $40mln to help Iraqi elections  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:10/13]
  • 9 Die in Japan Suicides Tied to Web  by JAMES BROOKE [New York Times:10/13]
  • Scientists create new anticancer treatment, Japan  by Team []

  • [10/12/'04]
  • Sanctions mean war: North Korea warns UN  by AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE [Indian Express:10/12]
  • 5 elderly people injured in bear attacks in Japan  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:10/11] *See News Review
  • Blood Pressure Drug May Slow Alzheimer's  by Salynn Boyles, WebMD Medical News [WebMD:10/11]
  • Many in Japan worried over low birth rate   [Big News]

  • [10/11/'04]

  • Japan Should Expedite Terror Countermeasures  by Yomiuri Shimbun/ANN []
  • Koizumi, Hu might meet soon after all   [Asahi Shimbun:10/8]
  • Huge typhoon threatens to pound western Japan   [Mainichi Shimbun:10/8]
  • BBC raises profile in Japan with classic shows  by Dan Sabbagh [The Times:10/8]

  • [10/7/'04]

  • UN designed for 1945 needs to catch up with realities of 2005  by Richard Halloran [Taipei Times:10/5]
  • Rightist Tokyo governor Ishihara says war kept Asia safe from `white people'  by AP [Taipei Times:10/4]
  • Japan's pop culture exports: It all started with Hello Kitty  by Bennett Richardson | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor [Christian Science Monitor:10/6]
  • Japan airports to test passengers' drinks  by Taiwan News [Big News]

  • [10/5/'04]
  • Japan may consider pre-emptive strike capability  by Teruaki Ueno [Reuters:10/4] *See News Review
  • Ichiro Earns Title of Japan's Finest  by Alastair Himmer [Reuters:10/4]
  • Beijing tightens controls on domestic reporting on Japan  by Yomiuri Shimbun/Asia News Network [Straits Times:10/5]
  • Taiwan, Japan ties need more realism  by Taiwan News [eTaiwan News:10/5]

  • [10/4/'04]
  • Japan Post to Start Paying Taxes in April 2007, Takenaka Says   [Bloomberg:10/3]
  • Japan aid to China to focus on environment  by UPI [Washington Times:10/3]
  • Looking Past Koizumi: Great wall  by TSUYOSHI NOJIMA and KENTARO KURIHARA, The Asahi Shimbun [Asahi Shimbun:10/2]
  • Japan's accidental prime minister?  by Peter Alford [Australian:10/4]

  • [10/2/'04]
  • Ichiro as exciting as they come  by Jim Caple is a senior writer for []
  • Creator wins Ig Nobel for karaoke's 'new way to tolerate'   [Japan Times:10/2]
  • Japan marks bullet train's 40th  by Jonathan Head, BBC Tokyo correspondent [BBC News:10/1]
  • Japan says yuan policy up to China ahead of G7  by Ritsuko Ando [Reuters:9/30]

  • [10/1/'04]


  • Japan cabinet shake-up wins little support for Koizumi  by AFP [Channel News Asia:9/29]
  • Call to revise Japan's Charter  by Reuters [Straits Times:9/29]
  • Producers optimistic for Japan  by Lily Nonomiya, Bloomberg News [International Herald Tribune:9/28]
  • Typhoon Meari Nears Central Japan, Power Cuts Widen  by Tak Kumakura [Bloomberg:9/29]

  • [9/28/'04]
  • Japan's Leader Shuffles Cabinet to Push Economic Reforms  by JAMES BROOKE [New York Times:9/28] *See News Review
  • Japan closes at 6-week low  by Reuters [CNN International:9/28]
  • Japan auto output rises   From news reports Bloomberg, AP [International Herald Tribune:9/28]
  • Pyongyang changes abductee story  by UPI [Washington Times:9/27]

  • [9/27/'04]

  • Shibui breaks 2:20 in Real Berlin Marathon  by Jorg Wenig for the IAAF [International Association of Athletics Foundation:9/26]
  • Pyongyang reveals no new info on abductees at talks  by Kyodo [Japan Times:9/26]
  • Scandal hits Japan ruling party  by Edited by Tisha Steyn [News24:9/26]
  • US backs Japan for permanent UN seat  by AFP [Times of India:9/25]

  • [9/24/'04]
  • Japan Raises Defenses on Signs North Korea Plans Missile Test  by JAMES BROOKE [New York Times:9/24] *See News Review
  • Koizumi keeps Japan guessing on cabinet reshuffle  by Reuters [Arab Times:9/24]
  • Japan's Land Prices Fall for 13th Straight Year  by Steve Herman, Tokyo [Voice of America:9/24]
  • Peru ex-president rejects extradition call  by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS [Seattle Post Intelligencer:9/23]

  • [9/23/'04]
  • No need to revise war constitution for UN seat - Japan  by Reuters [New Zealand Herald:9/23]
  • North Korea sparks Japan missile fear  by TERUAKI UENO [The Scotsman:9/23]
  • Japan's baseball players avert another strike  by AP [San Francisco Chronicle:9/23]
  • Japan confirms 13th mad cow case   [Xinhua:9/22]

  • [9/22/'04]
  • Nations lobby to expand Security Council  by KIM GAMEL, ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER [Seattle Post Intelligencer:9/21]
  • Rising oil prices hit Japan's trade surplus   [RTE News:9/22]
  • Report: Japan Bank to Stop Buying Stocks  by Associated Press [Forbes:9/21]
  • Record Breaking Spree Continues at Olympic Stadium   [Athens2004:9/21]

  • [9/21/'04]
  • Japan's Players Back to Work But Strike Unresolved   [Reuters:9/20] *See News Review
  • Official: Japan could extend Iraq mission  by CHISAKI WATANABE, ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER [Seattle Post Intelligencer:9/20]
  • South Korea's chief nuclear negotiator leaves for Japan  by AFP [Channel News Asia:9/21]
  • Hot summer days hit new records in Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo  by Compiled from Mainichi and wire reports, Japan [Mainichi Shimbun:9/21]

  • [9/20/'04]
  • Japan seeks expanded U.N. role  by Bruce Wallace, Los Angeles Times [Seattle Times:9/18]
  • Mexico, Japan sign free trade agreement  by John Rice / Associated Press []
  • Japanese speaker underlines Japan-China relations  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:9/20]
  • Japan's baseball players woo fans   [BBC:9/19]

  • [9/17/'04]
  • U.S. allies argue war was legal  by Agence France-Presse [International Herald Tribune:9/17]
  • Brazilian welcome touches Koizumi  by HIROSHI ITO, The Asahi Shimbun [Asahi Shimbun:9/17]
  • China-Japan trade to hit new high for the 5th year in a row  by People's Daily Online [People's Daily:9/17]
  • IT companies shake up baseball  by Kyodo News [Japan Today:9/17]

  • [9/15/'04]
  • Report: Japan PM Advisers See China Military Threat  by Teruaki Ueno [Reuters:9/14]
  • Koizumi visits Brazil's expatriate haven  by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS [Seattle Post Intelligencer:9/15]
  • Iraqi officials visit Japan to increase understanding of country's society  by Channel NewsAsia's Japan Bureau Chief Michiyo Ishida [Channel News Asia:9/15]
  • Japanese centenarians skyrocket  by From a correspondent in Tokyo []

  • [9/14/'04]
  • Japan Confirms 12th BSE Case  by From correspondents in Tokyo [The Australian:9/13] *See News Review
  • 'Historic' Japan-Mexico FTA said beneficial for both sides   [Japan Times:9/14]
  • Leader of Japan's largest opposition party vows to take power  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:9/13]
  • Japan executes child killer  by Associated Press [CNN:9/13]

  • [9/13/'04]


  • Japan condemns Jakarta blast, warns its citizens  by Reuters [Reuters AlertNet:9/9]
  • Japan August Wholesale Prices Rise on Commodities   [Bloomberg:9/10]
  • Japan Starts Privatizing Postal System  by Steve Herman, Tokyo [Voice of America:9/10]
  • Accused U.S. Deserter Jenkins to Surrender in Japan  by Linda Sieg [Reuters:9/10]

  • [9/8/'04]
  • Typhoon Songda hammers Japan, death toll rises to 32   [Channel News Asia:9/9] *See News Review
  • Write home, and send yen  by Natalie OBiko Pearson, The Associated Press [Ottawa Citizen:9/7]
  • India face Japan in Cup qualifier today  by NT Sports Reporter [Navhind Times:9/8]
  • London Going Out: Complicite's Elephant, Barbara Cook's Songs  by Elaine Lies [Bloomberg:9/8]

  • [9/7/'04]

  • Capital spending by Japan's non-financial firms up 10.7%  by AFP [Channel News Asia:9/6]
  • Quakes, storm hit Japan  by AP [CNN International:9/6]
  • Animator casts spell over Venice fest  by Shasta Darlington [Reuters:9/5]
  • Japanese princess breaks seclusion  by Elaine Lies [Reuters:9/4]

  • [9/4/'04]
  • Japan voices regret over South Korean nuke enrichment research   [People's Daily Online:9/3]
  • Chinese authorities close down nationalist website  by Reporter: John Taylor [ABC Online:9/4]
  • ASEAN ministers to talk free trade   [CNN International:9/4]
  • Japan to enhance counterterrorism effort  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:9/3]

  • [9/2/'04]
  • Four Decades in North Korea  by Jeremy Kirk/TOKYO [Far Eastern Economic Review:9/1]
  • Japan Is Headed Toward Sustainable Growth, Fukui Says   [Bloomberg:9/2]
  • Japan PM to view Russian-held isles, focus on spat   [Russia Journal:9/2]
  • Japan threatens to retaliate in WTO trade dispute with US  by AFP [Channel News Asia:9/1]

  • [9/1/'04]

  • Filipino illegal workers in Japan warned of crackdown  by Martin Marfil, Inquirer News Service [Philippine Daily Inquirer:8/30] *See News Review
  • Japan's flat industrial output in July latest sign of growth pullback  by AFP [Channel News Asia:8/31]
  • Japan's DPJ leader pledges to take power from LDP in two years   [Xinhua:8/30]
  • Japan achieves record Olympic medal haul  by Kyodo [Japan Times:8/31]

  • [8/30/'04]
  • Five Killed as Typhoon Tears Across Southern Japan   [Reuters:8/30]
  • Retail sales in Japan show modest rise in July  by Tim Kelly and Aiko Wakao, Bloomberg News [International Herald Tribune:8/30]
  • Ex-treasurer of Japan party faction arrested  by Associated Press [eTaiwan News:8/30]
  • Hi-tech helps Japan fast-track to top  by Alastair Himmer (Reuters) [Hindustan Times:8/30]

  • [8/29/'04]

  • Anno Captures Japan's 6th Judo Gold; Inoue Fails to Win Medal    [Bloomberg:8/20]
  • Suicides surge in Japan's military  by AIKO HAYASHI, ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER [Seattle Post Intelligencer:8/19]
  • In Japan, Apple's iPod outpaces Sony  by Yuri Kageyama, AP [International Herald Tribune:8/20]
  • India to strengthen IT ties with Japan   [Kerala Online:8/20]

  • [8/19/'04]



  • Japan Marks 59th Anniversary of WWII Defeat  by United Press International [KTOK:8/16]
  • Judo / Japan gets off to flying start as Nomura, Tani strike gold   by Reuters [Ha'aretz:8/15]
  • Kitajima beats Hansen in breaststroke duel  by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS [Seattle Post Intelligencer:8/15]
  • Japan wins gold and silver in judo    [The Herald News:8/15]

  • [8/12/'04]
  • Japan shoots first Olympic victory   [Mainichi Daily News:8/12] *See News Review
  • Tokyo high court clears way for UFJ, MTFG merger  by AFP [Channel News Asia:8/11] *See News Review
  • IMF sees Japan recovery picking up speed  by From news reports Bloomberg, Reuters [International Herald Tribune:8/12]
  • Holiday travel bug hits Japan  by UPI [Washington Times:8/12] *See News Review

  • [8/11/'04]
  • Japan nuke accident highlights laxity, aging plants   [ABS CBN News:8/11]
  • Japan's Account Surplus Grows 15.7 Percent  by Associated Press [Forbes:8/10]
  • Japan, NKorea open talks in China on kidnapping issue  by AFP [Channel News Asia:8/11]
  • Soccer: Asian Cup Final watched by 300m in China  by REUTERS [New Zealand Herald:8/11]

  • [8/9/'04]
  • Soccer: Japan easily tops China in Asia Cup  by AP, Reuters [International Herald Tribune:8/9] *See News Review
  • China apologises to Japan after minister's car attacked  by AFP [Channel News Asia:8/9]
  • Lessons of Nagasaki for fighting terrorism  by Graham Allison [Boston Globe:8/9]
  • Japan Machinery Orders Strong   [Reuters:8/9]

  • [8/6/'04]
  • China, Japan face off in uneasy final  by AFP , BEIJING AND REUTERS, TOKYO [Taipei Times:8/6] *See News Review
  • Olympics: Japan counts on girl power to spice up comeback   by AFP [Channel News Asia:8/5]
  • Hiroshima mayor criticizes U.S. nukes  by KATSUMI KASAHARA, ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER [Seattle Post Intelligencer:8/6]
  • The aging of Japan creates a pet haven  by Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press [ESPN:8/5]

  • [8/5/'04]
  • Japan's June Leading Index Signals Further Growth   [Bloomberg:8/5]
  • Japan Lower House Rejects No-Confidence Vote on Health Minister   by AP [Bloomberg:8/5]
  • Plan for Japan national cemetery stalled  by ERIC TALMADGE, ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER [Seattle Post Intelligencer:8/5]
  • Japan's population barely growing  by UPI [Washington Times:8/5]

  • [8/4/'04]

  • Top Ten Questions About UFJ Merger: William Pesek Jr.  by William Pesek Jr. [Bloomberg:8/3] *See News Review
  • World growth spurs manufacturing in Europe, Japan  by Reuters [Hindustan Times:8/2]
  • Average land prices in Japan dropped  by AFP [Business Day:8/3]
  • Japan eyes tax deduction cuts for retirees  by UPI [Washington Times:8/2]

  • [8/2/'04]
  • Moody's upbeat on Japan companies   [CBS MarketWatch:8/2]
  • Japan to accept revised WTO draft, but prospects uncertain   []
  • Tokyo heat wave hospitalizes 620 in July   [Mainichi Shimbun:8/2]
  • Real Madrid defeats Tokyo in exhibition  by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS [Seattle Post Intelligencer:8/1]

  • [7/30/'04]

  • Major League success hurts Japan baseball  by Yomiuri Shimbun [United Press International:7/28] *See News Review
  • Koizumi Reiterates He Won't Raise Japan's Consumption Tax   [Bloomberg:7/29]
  • Linux gaining support in Japan's schools  by UPI [Washington Times:7/29]
  • Japan announces tariff hike on rising pork imports  by Agence France-Presse [INQ7 Interactive, Inc.:7/29]

  • [7/28/'04]
  • Minshuto must devise workable foreign policy  by Yomiuri Shimbun [Daily Yomiuri:7/27]
  • Japan, Switzerland Want Tariff Cap Phrase Removed in WTO Text  by Kim Tong-hyung [Korea Herald:7/27]
  • Japan to elect first woman House leader  by UPI [Washington Times:7/28]
  • Jenkins asks to see US lawyer   [BBC:7/27]

  • [7/27/'04]
  • Japan security concerns at Asian Cup  by AFP [Sydney Morning Herald:7/26] *See News Review
  • Iraqi judoka learns in Japan  by AP [Toronto Star:7/26]
  • Korea, Japan, China agree on IT cooperation  by Kim Tong-hyung [Korea Herald:7/27]
  • FT Rules Out Japan-Like Economic Decline   [Chosun Ilbo:7/26]

  • [7/26/'04]
  • Japan considers resuming talks with NKorea  [Radio Australia:7/25]
  • Japan Encourages Plea Bargain for Alleged US Deserter  by Steve Herman, Tokyo [Indianapolis Star:7/25]
  • Alleged deserter in limbo  by Bruce Wallace, Los Angeles Times [Indianapolis Star:7/25]
  • Flood-hit Fukui receives 200 million yen lottery gift  by Mainichi and wire reports [Mainichi Shimbun:7/24]

  • [7/23/'04]


  • Roh, Koizumi Agree to Strengthen Cooperation    [Chosun Ilbo:7/21]
  • Japan upgrades economic growth projection to 3.5%   by AFP [Channel News Asia:7/21]
  • Japan vows to stay in Iraq  by Dean Yates [Reuters:7/21]
  • Temperature hits record 39.5 C in Tokyo   [People's Daily:7/21]

  • [7/20/'04]
  • Getting a cheap flight to Japan   [Financial Times:7/20] *See News Review
  • Koizumi's support level lowest since 2001  by David Ibison in Tokyo [Financial Times:7/19]
  • Japan pledges aid to Burma despite detention of Suu Kyi   [ABC Online:7/18]
  • Former Japan Prime Minister Suzuki dies  by NATALIE OBIKO PEARSON, AP [Seattle Post Intelligencer:7/19]

  • [7/19/'04]
  • Jenkins lands in Japan for medical care  by Associated Press [eTaiwan News:7/19]
  • OECD chief to visit Japan, discussing economy, trade  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:7/19]
  • Japan Post to go private in 2007  by BLOOMBERG [Taipei Times:7/19]
  • Flood toll climbs to 18 in Japan  by The Associated Press [USA Today:7/18]

  • [7/16/'04]

  • Mitsubishi Tokyo, UFJ May Set Merger Plan This Week   [Bloomberg:7/15] *See News Review
  • Japan launches 3G phone working in local area network   [Xinhua:7/15]
  • Account surplus in Japan rises to record  by Lindsay Whipp and Lily Nonomiya, Bloomberg News [International Herald Tribune:7/13]
  • Nine die as storms batter Japan  by Issei Kato [Reuters:7/15]

  • [7/14/'04]

  • Japan Election Signals Possible Shakeup  by KENJI HALL, Associated Press Writer [Gurdian:7/13]
  • Takenaka says Japan election results help establish two-party system   []
  • Japan public works spending seen falling  by UPI [Washington Times:7/12]
  • Japan school kids to be tagged with RFID chips  by Jo Best, CNET []

  • [7/12/'04]
  • Japan's Ruling Coalition Retains Upper House Majority   [Bloomberg:7/12] *See News Review
  • Japan Current Account Surplus Up in May  by AP [Forbes:7/11]
  • Family gets back together  by Christopher Torchia, The Associated Press [Salt Lake Tribune:7/10]
  • Japan killer heat wave a boon to summer spending  by Max Sato, Agence France-Presse [eTaiwan News:7/12]

  • [7/8/'04]
  • The stakes in Japan  by REIJI YOSHIDA, Staff writer [Straits Times:7/8] *See News Review
  • Japan turning to patents to keep competitive edge  by Daisuke Wakabayashi and Nathan Layne, Reuters [Business Day:7/8]
  • Japan ban on US beef opens way for Australia  by Jason Gale [The Age:7/7]
  • Baseball merger crisis deepens  by Compiled from AP, Kyodo [Japan Times:7/8]

  • [7/7/'04]
  • Private-sector exec's appointment seen as last-ditch attempt by LDP  by REIJI YOSHIDA, Staff writer [Japan Times:7/7]
  • AUM members, former policeman arrested in Japan for murder  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:7/7]
  • Adopted Thai girl allowed to stay  by HIROSHI MATSUBARA, Staff writer [Japan Times:7/7]
  • The World's First "Blue Rose Made In Japan   [Rugged Elegance:7/5]

  • [7/6/'04]
  • Japan abductee family reunion set for July 9   [Reuters:7/5] *See News Review
  • Japan's Ruling Party, Opposition Call for Consumption Tax Boost   [Bloomberg:7/4]
  • Broadband becomes Japan's major connection  by Yomiuri Shimbun [Daily Yomiuri:7/6]
  • Red Army fugitives ask to go home, North Korea says  by Agence France-Presse [International Herald Tribune:7/5]

  • [7/5/'04]


  • BoJ finds confidence highest in 13 years  by Barney Jopson in Tokyo [Financial Times:7/1] *See News Review
  • Japan to guard its intellectual property  by UPI [Washington Times:6/30]
  • Ambassador calls for cultural exchange between Japan, Italy  by Yomiuri Shimbun [Daily Yomiuri:6/30]
  • Japan's exploration decision protested  by Guo Nei [China Daily:7/1]

  • [6/30/'04]
  • Japan PM Wants N.Korea Diplomatic Ties in 2 Years   [Reuters:6/29]
  • Japan grants aid to Iraq, considers loans   [Big News]
  • Japan Aims to Stiffen Antitrust Penalties  by TODD ZAUN [New York Times:6/30]
  • The ASEAN forum is the best option for Japan  by Bantarto Bandoro [Jakarta Post:6/30]

  • [6/29/'04]
  • Japan's Unemployment Rate Falls in May  by Associated Press [Forbes:6/28]
  • Japan welcomes Iraqi power handover   [Xinhua:6/28]
  • Japan presses N. Korea again on Soga  by Kyodo [Japan Times:6/27]
  • Child abuse cases hit record high in Japan   [Xinhua:6/29]

  • [6/28/'04]
  • More people disapprove of Japan cabinet: poll  by AFP [Channel News Asia:6/28]
  • PM: Japan's constitution should be revised  by UPI [Washington Times:6/27]
  • Japan changes tack on North Korea  by Shigemi Sato [Daily Times:6/28]
  • Japan Says New Case of U.S. Mad Cow May Prolong Ban   [Bloomberg:6/28]

  • [6/27/'04]
  • Japan's debt hits record high  by UPI [Washington Times:6/26]
  • New IMF Chief Praises Japan's Reform Efforts  by Steve Herman [Voice of America:6/25]
  • S&P upgrade for Japan's leading banks  by Barney Jopson in Tokyo [Financial Times:6/24]
  • Japan core consumer prices fall in May  by Miwa Suzuki [Business Day:6/27]

  • [6/24/'04]

  • Japan Rising  by John H. Makin [American Enterprise Institute:6/22]
  • IMF chief: upbeat on Japan's outlook   by Gregory Robb [CBS MarketWatch:6/22]
  • Japan's trade surplus with Asia up 53.7% in May  by Agence France-Presse [INQ7 Interactive, Inc.:6/23]
  • Japan voter dismay on pensions,Iraq cuts PM rating  by Reuters [Utusan Malaysia Online:6/22]

  • [6/22/'04]
  • Japan to Allow Financial Statements in English, Nikkei Says   [Bloomberg:6/22]
  • Delegations Prepare for Talks on North Korea's Nuclear Weapons  by Luis Ramirez, VOA News [Epoch Times:6/21]
  • Tough fight in Japan's Upper House election   [Radio Singapore International:6/22]
  • Privately funded rocket ascends into space  by Los Angeles Times [Twin Falls Times-News:6/22]

  • [6/21/'04]



  • Japan's Nikkei, Topix Rise to 7-Week High on Greenspan Comments   [Bloomberg:6/16]
  • FDI in Japan down 3.2% last FY   [CBS MarketWatch:6/16]
  • Japan's Takenaka Is Asked to Seek Election to Diet  by Kyodo [Japan Times:6/16]
  • BoJ most upbeat on Japan's economy since 1980s  by Barney Jopson in Tokyo [Financial Times:6/15]

  • [6/15/'04]

  • Japan calls for Asian strucutal reforms   by UPI [Washington Times:6/13]
  • Japan bankruptcies fall 20% in May   [Business Report:6/14]
  • Japan divided over royal succession law  by Reuters [Navhind Times:6/14]
  • Export may exceed forecast on Japan's stronger economy   [Jakarta Post:6/14]

  • [6/11/'04]



  • Japan's Koizumi to tell G8 North Korea sincere about disarming  by AFP [Channel News Asia:6/8]
  • JAPAN: Slain journalists flown to Bangkok for cremation  by The Japan Times [Asia Pacific Media Network:6/7]
  • Number of centenarians in Japan doubles in 5 years   [Xinhua:6/8]
  • Japan cracks down on illegal foreign workers  by Reuters [Arab Times:6/8]

  • [6/7/'04]

  • Japan's Upper House Committee Approves Pension Bill   [Bloomberg:6/3] *See News Review
  • A promise comes true for wounded Iraqi boy  by Eric Talmadge, The Associated Press [Seattle Times:6/4]
  • Japan's April Leading Index Signals Further Growth   [Bloomberg:6/4]
  • Japan Welcomes OPEC Decision To Raise Oil Output   [E-Commerce Times:6/3]

  • [6/3/'04]



  • Yen Climbs to Three-Week High on Optimism Over Japan's Economy   [Bloomberg:5/27]
  • Japan's Crude Oil Imports Fell 14.2 Percent in April  by AFP [Bloomberg:5/25]
  • Japan's Koizumi-Led Party Popularity Rising, Asahi Says  by Barney Jopson in Tokyo [Bloomberg:5/27]
  • Japan delighted with Iceland win  by Ian Griffiths []

  • [5/28/'04]


  • Japan arrests 4 in al Qaeda probe   [CNN International:5/26]
  • Japan's exports grow for fourth straight month  by Barney Jopson in Tokyo [Financial Times:5/26]
  • Japan's April Imports Rise to Record as Demand Grows   [Bloomberg:5/26]
  • Japan Reiterates `Sensitive' Farm Products Require Protection  by Audrey Mcavoy, Associated Press [Bloomberg:5/26]

  • [5/25/'04]
  • UN chief welcomes Japan-DPRK summit  by Barney Jopson in Tokyo [Xinhua:5/25]
  • Japan's top banks reveal strong results  by David Ibison in Tokyo [Financial Times:5/25]
  • Japan Post Profit Reaches 2.3 Tln Yen, Mainly Savings   [Bloomberg:5/25]
  • Australia, Japan, China welcome latest U.S. moves on Iraq   by Audrey Mcavoy, Associated Press []

  • [5/24/'04]
  • UN chief welcomes Japan-DPRK summit  by Barney Jopson in Tokyo [Xinhua:5/25]
  • Japan's top banks reveal strong results  by David Ibison in Tokyo [Financial Times:5/25]
  • Japan Post Profit Reaches 2.3 Tln Yen, Mainly Savings   [Bloomberg:5/25]
  • Australia, Japan, China welcome latest U.S. moves on Iraq   by Audrey Mcavoy, Associated Press []

  • [5/24/'04]
  • Koizumi's popularity rises after N Korea summit  by Barney Jopson in Tokyo [Financial Times:5/24] *See News Review
  • Japan's Tanigaki says rising oil prices may hurt deflation fight - Kyodo   []
  • Commentary: Is inflation Japan's next battle?   by David DeRosa Bloomberg [International Herald Tribune:5/24]
  • Japan teen wins 'Best Actor' at Cannes film festival   [Mainichi Shimbun:5/23]

  • [5/22/'04]

  • Abductees, Nukes on Japan-N.Korea Summit Agenda  by George Nishiyama [Reuters:5/20]
  • Corporate bankruptcies in Japan fell in April as companies reduced debts  by Canadian Press []
  • Foreign investment banks make inroads into Japan  by Brian Kelleher and Chawadee Nualkhair, Reuters [Forbes:5/20]
  • Chinese scholar suggests axis with India, Japan   [Rediff:5/19]

  • [5/19/'04]
  • Japan heads global growth recovery  by Yuri Kageyama [Business Report:5/19]
  • Bullet train being shipped from Japan  by Taijing Wu, Staff Reporter, Taiwan News [eTaiwan News:5/19]
  • Japan Refuses Fujimori Video Testimony in Trial   [Reuters:5/19]
  • Suspected al-Qaida member hid in Japan for one year: report   [Xinhua:5/19]

  • [5/18/'04]
  • Japan's Ozawa Quits as Leader of DPJ After Four Days   [Bloomberg:5/17] *See News Review
  • Japan Jan-Mar nominal GDP growth fastest since '96  by Reuters [Forbes:5/18]
  • Japan's Finance Minister Stresses Closer Asian Cooperation  by Arirang TV [Chosun Ilbo:5/18]
  • Made in Japan  by Hideko Takayama, Newsweek International [MSNBC:5/17]

  • [5/17/'04]



  • OECD: U.S., Japan, China drive rebounding economy  by American City Business Journals Inc. [Pacific Business News:5/11]
  • Ozawa May Lead Japan's Largest Opposition Party, Jiji Reports   [Bloomberg:5/12]
  • Japan to allow civilians to use vacant police boxes   [Xinhua:5/12]
  • JAPAN: Toyota reports record net income up 55% for last fiscal year  by editorial team []

  • [5/11/'04]
  • Pension Reform Bill Passed in Japan   [Guardian:5/11]
  • Japan's economy likely up 3.7% in Q1  by Daisuke Takato [China Daily:5/11]
  • Palace life puts strain on Japan's princess  by Eric Johnson in Osaka and Jonathan Watts, south east Asia correspondent [Guardian:5/11]
  • Poll shows many still favor Japan-U.S. Security Treaty  by IHT/Asahi [Asahi Shimbun:5/11]

  • [5/10/'04]

  • Koizumi advisor resigns over scandal   [CNN:5/7]
  • Japan's precarious pension plan  by James Brooke, NYT [International Herald Tribune:5/7]
  • Japan says U.S. abuse of Iraqi prisoners ''truly inhumane''  by AP [Boston Globe:5/7]
  • New Zealand FM to visit Japan    [Xinhua:5/7]

  • [5/6/'04]

  • Key ministers admit ducking pension fees  by REIJI YOSHIDA [Japan Times:4/29] *See News Review
  • Japan's March Jobless Rate Falls to Lowest in 3 Years   [Bloomberg:4/30]
  • Hopes high for Japan's new cancer research  by Yomiuri Shimbun [Medical News Today:4/29]
  • FTTH moves into mainstream in Japan   [America's Network:5/1]

  • [4/28/'04]




  • Japan to Emphasize UN Role in Iraq at G-8 Meeting   [Bloomberg:4/22]
  • Japan's trade surplus with Asia hits eight-year high  by AFP [INQ7 Interactive, Inc.:4/22]
  • China says N. Korea willing to work on nuclear disarmament  by TIM JOHNSON, Knight Ridder Foreign Service [Pioneer Press:4/22]
  • Koizumi: Japan relations with Russia may surge   [ITAR-TASS:4/21]

  • [4/21/'04]
  • Japan's trade surplus rises on robust exports  by AFP [Channel News Asia:4/21]
  • Koizumi Gets Boost In Japan  by Kyodo News Service [Centre for Public Opinion and Democracy:4/21]
  • Japan Says It Will Maintain Ban on Beef From U.S., Kyodo Says   [Bloomberg:4/21]
  • Japan makes crime bosses liable to pay compensation for underlings' crimes   by AFP [Channel News Asia:4/21]

  • [4/20/'04]
  • Last two freed Japanese hostages arrive home  by AFP [Channel News Asia:4/20] *See News Review
  • Poll: Minshuto, LDP even in Saitama  by Yomiuri Shimbun [Daily Yomiuri:4/20]
  • Near-zero interest to bolster recovery in Japan's economy  by China Daily [Xinhua:4/20]
  • World Bank boosts Japan's growth estimate   [Big News]

  • [4/19/'04]
  • Japan's Recovery Looks Like The Real Thing  by Brian Bremner in Tokyo [Business week:4/19]
  • Majority of Japanese Support Iraq Deployment, Mainichi Reports  by Mainichi [Bloomberg:4/19]
  • Relief in Japan as Last of Its Two Hostages Freed in Iraq  by Ryan Nakashima, Agence France Presse, Arab News, TOKYO [Special Broadcasting Service:4/18]

  • [4/16/'04]

  • Report: Three Japanese Hostages Released   [Reuters:4/15]  *See News Review
  • Japan's Internet User Population Tops 60 Percent for First Time  by Kyodo News International, Tokyo Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News [Miami Herald:4/14]
  • Japan passes oil pollution law that could affect North Korean ships  by Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press [Environmental News Network:4/15]
  • Russia calls for solution to territorial dispute with Japan   [Xinhua:4/15]

  • [4/14/'04]

  • Japan's wholesale prices edge up for first time in four years   [Business Times:4/13]
  • EU hires Hello Kitty to promote friendship in Japan  by AFP [EU Business:4/13] *See News Review
  • Cheney Praises Japanese PM, Urges Solidarity Over Iraq  by Patrick Goodenough, Pacific Rim Bureau Chief []
  • Koizumi asks Turkish PM for help in hostage crisis  by AFP [Times of India:4/12]

  • [4/12/'04]
  • Japan waits for word on Iraq hostages  by Elaine Lies [Reuters:4/12]
  • Cheney Talks in Japan Complicated by Iraq Kidnappings  by Adam Entous [Reuters:4/11]
  • Japan's Current Account Surplus Widens to Record   [Bloomberg:4/12]
  • Light at the end of Japan's tunnel  by Elizabeth Wine [Financial Times:4/12]

  • [4/8/'04]


  • More strong Japan data as shares hit 32-month high  by Reuters [Forbes:4/6]
  • Japan to Toughen Stance on North Korea   by JOSEPH COLEMAN, Associated Press Writer [Guardian:4/6]
  • US considers placing missile defence system in Japan  by AFP [Daily Times:4/6]
  • Luxury electronics aid Japan's recovery   by Anthony Faiola, Washington Post [MSNBC:4/6]

  • [4/5/'04]


  • Japan 'tankan' shows recovery spreading-Fukuda  by Reuters [Forbes:4/1] *See News Review
  • Optimism at 7-year high in Japan  by Reuters [BBC:4/1]
  • Japan abandons IMF bid, to back Frenchman: source  by AFP [EU Business:4/2]
  • NZ Customs Enters Cooperative Framework With Japan  by Press Release: New Zealand Customs Service []

  • [3/31/'04]
  • 150th Anniversary of US-Japan Peace Treaty  by Won-Jae Park [Donga:3/30]
  • FB Delegation Promotes Biotech in Japan, China  by USAgNet [Wisconsin Ag Connection:3/31]
  • Fukuda says Japan to act as needed in forex market - Kyodo   []
  • Japan, US to press China to comply with WTO rules  by AFP [Business Report:3/30]

  • [3/30/'04]
  • Japan moves to loosen restrictions on foreign press  by AFP [EU Business:3/29]
  • Japan, U.S. ratify tax treaty to spur investment  by Reuters [Forbes:3/29]
  • Japan's March Small Business Confidence Rose to 50.8 From 49.3   [Bloomberg:3/30]
  • Japan Nixes U.S. Extradition Request  by NATALIE OBIKO PEARSON, Associated Press Writer [Guardian:3/29]

  • [3/29/'04]
  • Arab nations urged to learn from Japan's pollution lesson  by AFP [TerraDaily:3/27]
  • Mori Building Says Doors Caused 32 Other Accidents at Complex   [Bloomberg:3/28]
  • Matsui Leads Yankees to Win in Japan  by TYLER KEPNER [New York Times:3/28]
  • Japan's Arakawa earns gold medal  by Knight Ridder Newspapers and Chicago Tribune [Seattle Times:3/28]

  • [3/26/'04]


  • Japan's rating upgraded on economic outlook  by Barney Jopson in Tokyo [Financial Times:3/24]
  • Flag-waving Chinese land on island disputed with Japan  by AP []
  • Japan's Military to Establish Anti-Terrorist Unit, Asahi Says   [Bloomberg:3/24]
  • Ghosn to head North America Nissan  by The Associated Press []

  • [3/23/'04]


  • Japan Urges International Community to Unite Against Terrorism   [Bloomberg:3/18]
  • China to open sea route to disputed islands  by AP [The Star:3/18]
  • Funds: Pension group in Japan to reward good behavior  by Reuters, Bloomberg [International Herald Tribune:3/18]
  • Japan to submit bill allowing North Korean ship ban  by Associated Press [eTaiwan News:3/18]

  • [3/17/'04]
  • Japan stocks at highest since 2001 on econ optimism  by Mariko Katsumura [Reuters:3/17]
  • Tokyo Officials Struggle to Hold the Yen in Line  by TODD ZAUN [New York Times:3/17]
  • Japan and China: National Character Writ Large  by NORIMITSU ONISHI [New York Times:3/17]
  • University of Tokyo sets up venture investment fund  by AFP [Straits Times:3/14]

  • [3/16/'04]
  • U.S. Asian allies seen nervous after Spain election  by Linda Sieg [Reuters:3/15] *See News Review
  • Japan divided over Iraq troop dispatch: poll  by AFP [Channel News Asia:3/16]
  • Recovery in Japan spreads to consumers  by Daisuke Takato, Bloomberg News [International Herald Tribune:3/15]
  • Don't Let Japan's "Mr. Dollar" Get Away With It  by Brian Bremner [Business week:3/22]

  • [3/15/'04]


  • Japan-Mexico deal points way for Asia trade  by David Pilling and Bayan Rahman in Tokyo [Financial Times:3/10] *See News Review
  • The Fog Of War  by Paul Byrnes [Sydney Morning Herald:3/11] *See News Review
  • Suspicious minds  by Justin McCurry [Guardian:3/10]
  • Japan to shift aid focus from China to India  by Purnendra Jain [Asia Times:3/11]

  • [3/10/'04]
  • Japan's current account surplus jumps 135.2 percent in January  by AFP [Channel News Asia:/]
  • Japan vows to do utmost for Afghanistan at aid forum   []
  • MADE IN JAPAN, EMBRACED IN AMERICA  by Karl Schoenberger, Mercury News [Mercury News:3/10]
  • Tariff cuts to see more Aussie beef in Japan   [ABC Online:3/10]

  • [3/9/'04]
  • Japan warned its forex policy may backfire  by ANTHONY ROWLEY IN TOKYO [Business Times:3/8] *See News Review
  • Japan Cabinet OK's War Contingencies  by MARI YAMAGUCHI, Associated Press [San Jose Mercury News:3/8]
  • Japan joins Europe's global workplace safety push   [Health and Safety-Centre:3/8]
  • Travelers in Japan offered PDA translator  by Matthew []

  • [3/8/'04]
  • Bank of Japan's Fukui Says Japanese Recovery Gathering Pace  by [Bloomberg:3/7]
  • Japan Opposition Party Suffers New Scandal Blow   [Reuters:3/7]
  • South Korean, Japan to keep pressure on North Korea for nuclear disarmament  by AFP [Channel News Asia:3/8]
  • Russia's Ambassador May Favor Japan-Proposed Pipeline Route  by Kyodo News International, Tokyo Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News [Miami Herald:3/7]

  • [3/5/'04]
  • Japan's Pension Fund Has Third Quarterly Return as Markets Gain   [Bloomberg:3/5]
  • Japan lower house passes FY 2004 budget   [Xinhua:3/8]
  • Japan Seeks Robotic Help in Caring for the Aged  by JAMES BROOKE [New York Times:3/5]
  • Japan's cherry blossom season early  by Associated Press [eTaiwan News:3/4]

  • [3/4/'04]
  • Japan stocks end at 21-month high, steel firms drop  by Risa Maeda [Reuters:3/4]
  • Koizumi in advert to sell Japan  by AFP [Business Day:3/4]
  • APEC meeting backs Japanese weapons proposal  by ABC Asia Pacifc TV / Radio Australia [ABC Asia Pacific:3/4]
  • Japan condemns terrorist attacks in Baghda and Karbala, and Quetta   [Pakistan Link:3/4]

  • [3/3/'04]
  • Casualties in Iraq would make Japan 'unite'  by David Pilling in Tokyo [Financial Times:3/2]
  • Japan plays down Greenspan remarks on intervention  by Mari Terawaki, Reuters [Forbes:3/3]
  • Japan, France to cooperate in rebuilding Iraq  by AP [Borneo Bulletin:3/3]
  • Asian Highway connecting 31 nations expected   [Viet Nam News Agency:3/3]

  • [3/2/'04]

  • Japan Marks U.S. Nuke Test in Pacific  by MARI YAMAGUCHI, Associated Press Writer [Guardian:2/29] *See News Review
  • Japan's Nikkei Jumps to 21-Month High; TDK, Tokyo Electron Gain   [Bloomberg:3/1]
  • Many differences in North Korea talks  by EDWARD A. GARGAN, ASIA CORRESPONDENT []
  • Seoul Rejects Tokyo's Protest on Tokto    [Korea Times:2/29]

  • [2/28/'04]

  • Japan, US speed up military integration  by [People's Daily Online:2/25]
  • Japan's Takenaka Says Livedoor Case to Set Important Precedent   [Bloomberg:2/25]
  • Japan's Sumitomo Mitsui withdraws merger bid for UFJ  by AFP [Channel News Asia:2/25]
  • Japan police report money laundering high  by UPI [Big News]

  • [2/24/'04]


  • IMF chief Koehler to visit Japan, SKorea  by AFP [Channel News Asia:2/20]
  • Our obligation to Japan's right to military   [ERNEST W. LEFEVER:2/19]
  • Europe and Japan have to rethink immigration  by Jonathan Power, Taiwan News, Contributing Writer [eTaiwan News:2/20]
  • Japan's trade with China rises to record high of $132.4 billion  by Canadian Press []

  • [2/19/'04]

  • Japan posts highest growth rate in more than 13 years  by AFP [Channel News Asia:2/18]
  • Sakakibara: Japan should stop massive intervention  by Reuters [Forbes:2/18] *See News Review
  • Japan Inc. is shifting its focus to China  by Ken Belson/NYT [International Herald Tribune:2/17]
  • Japan blasts linked to leftists  by Reuters [CNN International:2/18]

  • [2/17/'04]

  • Sumo returns to Seoul  by Charles Scanlon [BBC:2/16] *See News Review
  • Japan's Jan company bankruptcies fall 16%   [Business Times Singapore:2/16]
  • Asia recovery spurs energy project finance boom  by Reuters [Forbes:2/16]
  • Japan may ban cheap J-pop CDs: reports  by AFP [Channel News Asia:2/16]

  • [2/13/'04]

  • Explosion near Japan troops' base in Iraq   [Reuters AlertNet:2/12]
  • Japan, DPRK talks positive sign: Japanese FM   [Xinhua:2/12]
  • Strong Japan machine orders, exports power recovery  by Ritsuko Ando [Forbes:2/12]
  • Japan asks where the beef is  by Justin McCurry in Tokyo [Guardian:2/12] *See News Review

  • [2/10/'04]
  • Germany, France, Japan develop joint Iraq restoration program   [ITAR-TASS:2/9]
  • Japan debates military dispatch to Iraq  by Associated Press [eTaiwan News:2/10]
  • Japan's finance minister nudges China to consider yuan revaluation  by AFP [Channel News Asia:2/10]
  • Japan Passes Law on North Korea Sanctions  by NATALIE OBIKO PEARSON [Guardian:2/9]

  • [2/9/'04]
  • 100 years after war with Russia, Japan rethinks its diplomacy  by AFP [Daily Times:2/9] *See News Review
  • Japanese business links with China expand despite political friction  by JOSEPH COLEMAN, Canadian Press [National Post:2/8]
  • Japan top govt spokesman welcomes G7 FX warning  by Reuters [Forbes:2/8]
  • Wireless: A bit of Japan in France: Europe gets a taste of 3G  by Victoria Shannon [International Herald Tribune:2/9]

  • [2/6/'04]
  • Bank of Japan leaves rates near zero  by Mayumi Otsuma, Bloomberg News [International Herald Tribune:2/5]
  • Japan's public pension fund set for positive result  by David Ibison and Barney Jopson in Tokyo [Financial Times:2/5]
  • China, Japan to Discuss N.Korea Before 6-Way Talks  by Reuters [Washington Post:2/5]
  • Happiness is no laughing matter  by From The Economist print edition [Economist:2/5]

  • [2/5/'04]
  • AT&T Wireless apologizes for offensive Japan ad  by Reuters [Forbes:2/4] *See News Review
  • Japan minister hits clinic that screened in-vitro eggs for gender  by AFP [Channel News Asia:2/5]
  • Japan 2004 PC shipments seen hitting record high  by Reuters [Forbes:2/5]
  • Philippines, Japan begin free trade talks  by Agence France-Presse [Philippines Daily News:2/4]

  • [2/4/'04]
  • Japan ground troop for Iraq mission arrives in Kuwait  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:2/4]
  • OECD Report: Deflation Continues to Hurt Japan's Growth  by Barry Wood [Voice of America:2/3]
  • BOJ meets ahead of G7, market wary after Jan shock  by Ritsuko Ando, Reuters [Forbes:2/3]
  • This 21st-Century Japan, More Contented Than Driven  by NORIMITSU ONISHI [New York Times:2/4]

  • [2/3/'04]
  • US wants Japan's Constitution to allow military aid  by Kwan Weng Kin [Straits Times:2/3]
  • China worried by Japan's military moves  by Mark Simkin [ABC Online:2/3]
  • Japan, US, South Korea asking for six-nation talks   [Xinhua:2/3]
  • IMF chief urges global currency plan  by Bertrand Benoit in Berlin, Jennifer Hughes in London and agencies [Financial Times:2/2]

  • [2/2/'04]
  • Armitage discusses Iraq, North Korea with Japanese leaders  by JOSEPH COLEMAN, Associated Press Writer [San Francisco Chronicle:2/2]
  • Opposition boycott overshadows Japan troops vote  by David Pilling in Tokyo [Financial Times:2/2]
  • Japan - Experts split over genetic diagnosis technique   [Medical News Today:2/2]
  • Japan to help ASEAN member countries fight terrorism   [VNA:2/1]

  • [1/30/'04]
  • Japan jobless rate falls, outlook brightens  by Tamawa Kadoya, Reuters [Forbes:1/30]
  • Japan posts 3.2% jump in '03 factory production  by Compiled by Our Staff From Dispatches Bloomberg, AFP [International Herald Tribune:1/30]
  • Japan's Lawmakers Pass N Korea Sanctions Bill   by Arirang TV [Chosun Ilbo:1/30] *See News Review
  • Japan Cult Member Sentenced to Death  by The Associated Press [ABC News:1/30]

  • [1/29/'04]
  • Korea, Japan, China Grab 15% of Global Trade  by Seo Jee-yeon, Staff Reporter [Korea Times:1/29]
  • Japan woos France over N-fusion site  by Bayan Rahman [Financial Times:1/29]
  • R.P., Japan to hold free trade talks February   [ABS-CBN News:1/28]
  • Japan says to cautiously consider gold in reserves   [Reuters:1/28]

  • [1/28/'04]
  • Koizumi stars in Japan's tourism video to woo visitors  by Michiyo Ishida, Channel NewsAsia's Japan Bureau Chief [Channel News Asia:1/28]
  • Former Japan Foreign Minister Ikeda Dies   by AP [Guardian:1/28]
  • Japan to spend 1.7 bln yen on SDF operation in Iraq  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:1/27]
  • Aventis says 5 die in Japan after taking its drug  by Reuters [Forbes:1/27]

  • [1/27/'04]

  • Japan's trade surplus surges 41.2%  by AFP [Business Day:1/26]
  • Taiwan's bullet train nears completion in Japan  by AFP [Channel News Asia:1/26] *See News Review
  • Driver for Japan forces slain near Baghdad - Tokyo  by Reuters [Khaleej Times:1/26]
  • Japan weighs N Koreasanctions  by Bayan Rahman [Financial Times:1/26]

  • [1/23/'04]
  • Iraq-Bound Japan Air Force Team Arrives in Kuwait  by Reuters [Washington Post:1/23]
  • Japan, Australia, United States to hold security talks   [Xinhua:1/23]
  • Japan and Russia Working Hard to Build Economic Ties  by JAMES BROOKE [New York Times:1/23]
  • Japan forbids imports of Thailand's chicken  by Compiled by Our Staff From Dispatches (AP, AFP) [International Herald Tribune:1/22]

  • [1/22/'04]
  • United Tech CEO: Cracks Not Safety Worry  by Tim McLaughlin [Reuters:1/21] *See News Review
  • Japan's main ASDF unit leaves for Kuwait  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:1/22]
  • Japan reopens trade talks with Mexico  by Bayan Rahman in Tokyo [Financial Times:1/21]
  • Japanese leader under fire over troops for Iraq  by Justin McCurry in Tokyo [Guardian:1/22]

  • [1/21/'04]
  • Japan says North Korea sending positive signals  by Reuters [Reuters AlertNet:1/21]
  • Japan Troops to Get Iraq Dispatch Order Monday -Media   [Reuters:1/20]
  • Bank of Japan Eases Monetary Policy  by KEN BELSON [New York Times:1/21]
  • Asian alarm at Japan mission   [BBC:1/20]

  • [1/20/'04]
  • Nikkei ends at three-month high but gains pared  by David McMahon [Reuters:1/20]
  • U.S., South Korea, Japan to meet for North Korean nuke talks  by The Associated Press [Ha'aretz:1/20]
  • Japan opposition party to vote against dispatch of SDF to Iraq  by Xinhuanet [Xinhua:1/20]
  • Japan starts to rewrite pacifist constitution  by Justin McCurry in Tokyo [Guardian:1/19]

  • [1/19/'04]
  • Koizumi: Japan must share dangers of rebuilding Iraq  by AUDREY McAVOY, Associated Press Writer [San Francisco Chronicle:1/18]
  • Japan Raises Economy View, Sees Recovery  by Ritsuko Ando [Reuters:1/19]
  • Japan bankruptcies fall over 14 per cent in 2003  by Reuters [Hindustan Times:1/19]
  • Activists mark islands' sovereignty   [China Daily:1/19] *See News Review

  • [1/16/'04]
  • Japan media warned over Iraq mission   [Al-Jazeera:1/16]
  • Japan protests over S. Korea disputed-isle stamps  by Reuters [Deepika:1/16]
  • Japan's Shinsei Bank To List On Tokyo Bourse Feb 19  by Dow Jones Newswires [Quicken:1/16]
  • Young novelists capture prestigious Akutagawa award  by Mainichi Shimbun [Mainichi Interactive:1/15]

  • [1/15/'04]

  • Japan's current account surplus jumps 33.8 percent in November  by AFP [Channel News Asia:1/14]
  • Japan Bird Flu Virus Is Same Strain as South Korea's   [Bloomberg:1/14]
  • PM thanks Japan for ODA largesse  by Vietnam News [Vietnam Economic Times:1/14]
  • Japan officials visit N.Korea,may hold talks-media  by Reuters [Deepika:1/14]

  • [1/13/'04]
  • Bird Flu Spreading in Asia  by Katherine Maria, Hong Kong [Voice of America:1/12] *See News Review
  • Japan urged to honour history, not war criminals   [China Daily:1/13]
  • Gen. Myers Lauds Japan for Help in Iraq  by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS [New York Times:1/12]
  • Japan broadcasters plan 1.2 billion share sale  by Junko Fujita, Bloomberg [International Herald Tribune:1/12]

  • [1/9/'04]
  • Japan's foreign reserves hit record after continued forex intervention  by AFP [Channel News Asia:1/9]
  • Japan fights US anti-dumping law  by AAP [Age:1/8]
  • A shrinking giant   [Economist:1/8]
  • Japan, US to team on fuel cells   by Correspondents in Tokyo [Australian IT:1/9]

  • [1/8/'04]
  • S Korea, Japan, US positive on North's latest offer  by AFP [Borneo Bulletin:1/8]
  • Producers cautious ahead of Japan beef talks   [Ferret:1/8] *See News Review
  • Japan bars 30% of drugs used in U.S. for cancer  by Yomiuri Shimbun [Daily Yomiuri:1/8]
  • Japan predicts bumper year for tourists from overseas  by Mariko Sanchanta in Tokyo [Financial Times:1/8]

  • [1/7/'04]
  • Japan's Sumitomo Trust Bank to repay state funds  by Reuters [Forbes:1/7]
  • S.& P. 500 Index Reaches Its Highest Level Since 2002  by BLOOMBERG NEWS [New York Times:1/7]
  • Japan business leaders worry over yen's rise  by David Pilling in Tokyo [Financial Times:1/6]
  • Japan's FM meets EC head   [Irib:1/7]

  • [1/6/'04]
  • Crisis of confidence in Japan's medical system  by Mark Simkin [ABC Online:1/6]
  • G - 7 Officials to Talk Iraqi Debt in Feb.  by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS [New York Times:1/5]
  • S.Korean antipathy for Japan eases  by Cheon Jong-woo [Reuters:1/4] *See News Review
  • U.S. Taking Photos and Fingerprints Of Visitors  by Sara Kehaulani Goo and Amy Joyce, Washington Post Staff Writers [Washington Post:1/6]

  • [1/5/'04]
  • Tough year in store for Japanese Premier  by Kwan Weng Kin [Straits Times:1/5]
  • Japanese consumers are missing in action  by Lily Nonomiya and Yoshiko Matsushita, Bloomberg [International Herald Tribune:1/5]
  • Japan's place in Asia is changing  by Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post [Washington Post:1/4]
  • In Japan, 134-Mile Relay Race Is Ultimate Test for College Men  by KEN BELSON [New York Times:1/4]

  • [1/3/'04]
  • World economy: Calm before the storm  by Jeffrey E. Garten [Daily Star:1/3]
  • Japan mulls reducing contribution to UN in 2006  by AFP [Channel News Asia:1/3]
  •  by SEBASTIAN MOFFETT, The Associated Press and MARTIN FACKLER, The Wall Street Journal [Times Picayune:1/2]
  • Emperor leads Japan's New Year celebrations  by AFP [Times of India:1/2]

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