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Tech Bulletin #31: May 1, 2003

Tokyo Startup Leverages Mobile Mail

(From WWJ Video Program No. 60, Apr. 23, 2003 )

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

Summary: is an unlikely name for a technology that aims to turbocharge mobile mail. The system lets users specify events - "Noopies" - and then receive notification (as well as content) via keitai; Noopies can be anything - a Mail Checker Noopie alerts you when your corporate account gets a new mail, a Reminder Noopie tells you when rain is more than 40% likely (Remember your kasa!), and a List Noopie keeps you in touch with multiple buddies on a mailing list. The jury's still out on whether Nooper can succeed in Japan's roiling mobile market, but if they can succeed here, they can probably succeed anywhere.

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