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Tech Bulletin (February - December, 2002)
[August - December 2002]

#12 Seminar: Progress and Changes in MEMS/MST Sector in 2002 (12/25)

#11: Mobile Marketing: Corporate Plans Don't Make Sense (12/4) video

#10: WLAN: NTT Com VP Doesn't Expect 'Large Revenue' (12/3) video

#9 Seminar: Albany Nanotech (11/20)

#8 Seminar: Analyzing Restructuring and Reform in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry (11/5)

#7 Seminar: Accelerating the Development of the Consumer Robot Industry in Japan (9/2)

#6 Seminar: MEMS Rotary Engine Power System: Project Overview and Recent Research Results (8/7)

[February - June 2002]

#5 Seminar: The Patenting and Licensing of Research Tools and Biomedical Innovation (6/27)

#4 Seminar: National Science Foundation Programs to Encourage University-Industry Research Cooperation (5/13)

#3: GETI / GLOCOM Platform Joint Seminar Series: An Introduction (4/17)

#2: Is IPv6 Necessary? (2/27)

#1: Summary of Joint Research on Third and Fourth Generation Mobile Communications Systems (2/13)

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