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Tech Bulletin #37: August 5, 2003

Vision for the Future of Wireless Watch Japan

(From the WWJ Team, July 22, 2003)

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

Daniel Scuka is a familiar face to the Wireless Watch Japan community not only as the co-founder and visionary behind the media project, but also as the site's video host. Prior to his move to the business manager's seat at WWJ (as well as a relo to Frankfurt), Daniel organized a team of journalist successors to take over WWJ in Tokyo. Newly joined reporter and video host John Alderman interviewed him just before he left. Daniel shared the ideas the spurred him to create Wireless Watch Japan, the activity that still inspires him, and his forecast for the future of the mobile Internet in Japan. This program is a great, quick overview of what makes Japan the world's most exciting market and an important test-bed for the globe's mobile industry.

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