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Tech Bulletin #41: September 1, 2003

Irish Mobile Tech Rocks Shibuya

(From the WWJ Team, August 22, 2003)

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

In Shibuya - the heart of Japan's wireless revolution - the mobile Internet is high-tech, ubersophisticated, and cutting-edge. It's also... Irish. Normally, we wouldn't make much fuss over three Ireland-based outsiders trying to break into the mobile market here, but one of them - e-settlement software developer Network365 - recently inked a break-through deal with the local heavyweight, NTT DoCoMo; the other two (ParthusCeva and Polar Lake) also appear to have some real prospects. Our program provides an interesting, behind-the-scenes look at how out-of-town players are making a dent in Japan's mobile market.

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