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Home > Tech Reiews > Tech Bulletin Last Updated: 15:25 03/09/2007
Tech Bulletin #46: October 7, 2003

WPC Expo: FOMA, Telematics and Wristomo

(From the WWJ Team, October 1, 2003)

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

Wireless Watch Japan was on hand for FOMA's first international video call in Sept. at the WPC 2003 event. After the keynote introduction from Hutchison's CEO Bob Fuller, and the World Call demo., we chatted with DoCoMo's Mariko Hanaoka about their new service. We also took a ride on the upcoming telematics platform in a quick interview with Hidenori Obara of DoCoMo's ITS Business Promotion Office, and heard that Seiko will add a color display, but not a camera function, to its next generation of the Wristomo PHS phone. Perhaps someday DoCoMo will bundle all three services together...!! In a seperate development we got a peek at Panasonic's killer app. for camera phones everywhere.

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