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Tech Bulletin #50: November 20, 2003

DoCoMo Announces First Half Financials

(From the WWJ Team, November 7, 2003)

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

Market leading NTT DoCoMo's consolidated financial results for the six months ending Sept. 30th were announced last week at this press conference in Tokyo. Operating revenues were up 6.4% while operating income was down 7.8% with earnings per share 3.9% lower when compared to the same period last year. Dr. Kenji Tachikawa, President and CEO stated "During the first six months of fiscal year ending March 31, 2004, the Japanese cellular phone market posted robust growth with the number of net additional subscribers reaching 2.94 million. The enviroment surrounding our business, however, became harsher as the competition among mobile telecom companies intensified.." He also had some interesting comments about what their strategy will be going forward to year end.

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