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Tech Bulletin #51: November 26, 2003

Tokyo Motor Show: Telematics To Go, Anyone?

(From the WWJ Team, November 14, 2003)

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

Japan is the nation of early adopters for mobile, but there's one consumer app. that went flat and is now undergoing heart massage by some of the country's biggest and best companies: Telematics is the name, and subscribers is the game. 2004 is supposed to be the year when Japanese Telematics Ver.2 gets cranked into first gear and out of the highway rest area (it was also supposed to happen this year-shuuush!) Japanese Telematics comes in three main flavors, and in this program you'll get a taste of two of them. We managed to go for a ride on Toyota's G-Book and learn more about their new sense of community offering. And we interviewed Nissan --which has great future plans you'll get to virtually-virtually test drive-- about City Browse.

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