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Tech Bulletin #56: December 17, 2003

DoCoMo Pre-Christmas Press Briefing

(From the WWJ Team, December 10, 2003)

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

DoCoMo Chieftain Tachikawa gave his final press conference of the year and looked happier and more relaxed than weíve seen him for some time. And he should. After good first half financials and FOMA finally taking off, he was able to give a good spin on DoCoMoís performance and managed to sling an arrow at Microsoft, as only a spin-off from a monopoly can! Japanís phone market unexpectedly achieved solid 1H growth; net additions were almost the same 1H 03. 2H was down, but overall growth for DoCoMo will be 80 percent of 02. Japanís phone market is NOT saturated. DoCoMo still thinks it will achieve 8 percent growth. Non-voice is growing, as well as voice. Japanís penetration rate still lower than Europe. DoCoMo still sees growth opportunities.

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