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Tech Bulletin #61: January 23, 2004

Key Technologies, Applications, and Strategies for the Mobile Internet

Prof. Jeffrey Funk (Hitotsubashi University)

Video: (for Windows only)

This video was produced by using RICOH's automatic video editing software at the ATIP seminar on January 21, 2004.

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This presentation discusses the technologies and applications driving the mobile Internet and the need for effective platform strategies. The former includes microprocessor speeds, memory sizes, client-side programming, and network speeds. These technologies are making the phone a portable entertainment player, a new marketing tool for retailers and manufacturers, a multi-channel shopping device, a navigation tool, a new type of ticket and money, and a new mobile Intranet device. Service providers, phone manufacturers, content providers, and technology suppliersneed to create the appropriate strategies to make their products and services the platforms for the mobile Internet.

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