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Tech Bulletin #62: January 27, 2004

3G Mobile Solar Power Solution

(From the WWJ Team, January 19, 2004)

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

The 3G Mobile Forum 2004 was held at the Hilton Tokyo Bay, January 13-16, and attracted over 70 top-class speakers in what we construed was an attempt to hammer out where they think 3G is going. With such a treasure trove sitting on our doorsteps across Tokyo Bay, we couldn't resist bearing our cameras down on some of the leading lights of the show. The following preview will give you a taste of the upcoming programs we'll running over the next few weeks. Also included in this clip is a demo of a mobile solar power source that was on display from Korean startup Soleitec, they have this sleek and working re-charger ready to keep your mobile device running when the batteries are dying, all for $30. The device should be ready to ship in 8 weeks and they are looking for partners to sell this product. Our only advice: Don't save this one for a rainy day!

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