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Tech Bulletin #64: February 17, 2004

Cell-Phone Inventor Touts Broadband Wireless

(From the WWJ Team, February 9, 2004)

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

In 1973 Martin Cooper, the inventor of the first portable handset, was the first person to make a call on a cell phone (from Motorola to arch-rival Bell.) Now he's Chairman of ArrayComm, which has developed its iBurst Personal Broadband System based on adaptive array antenna technology. According to the company, iBurst allows mega-bit-per-second cellular bandwidth with much better efficiency than anything extant 3G systems can provide. In today's exclusive WWJ interview, Cooper argues that 4G is already here; launches broadsides at carriers, engineers, and handset makers who have yet to fulfill the promise of wireless phones; and charges that, after "years of hype," the industry has failed to deliver on 3G. He also relates his vision for the mobile space: "The Internet will engender thousands of different [mobile] applications." This program is a WWJ Classic.

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