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Tech Bulletin #65: March 3, 2004

Bow-Lingual - A Cell Phone for Fido

(From the WWJ Team, February 16, 2004)

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

We jumped at the chance to take the new Bow-Lingual Connect software for wireless 'walkies' recently. Takara, makers of the popular canine speech translator, had a dog to lend us, but it fell ill. Then a friendly ballerina's French Bulldog pulled out at the last minute, so we conducted this highly unscientific test on Vodafone's V601SH handset by Sharp using our own pre-recorded (with Movie Sha-Mail) video of a since-deceased beagle. We may have been barking up the wrong tree with this approach, or howling mad to try to make sense of Bow-Lingual, but even if Takara's mobile version is a bit beastly, it shouldn't distract from the unit itself, which is a jolly good cell phone.

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