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Tech Bulletin #66: March 10, 2004

FeliCa: Trashing the Leather Wallet

(From the WWJ Team, February 25, 2004)

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

An exclusive interview with Shusaku Muruko, senior manager of Sony's Mobile FeliCa Business Division, providing insight on how the FeliCa contactless IC chip (now being trialed on NTT DoCoMo handsets) will soon consign traditional leather wallets to the gomibako of history. In a speech last week, DoCoMo's "Mr. i-mode," Takeshi Natsuno, officially confirmed that FeliCa chips will be embedded in this summer's 506i second-generation handsets -- and likely in the next round of FOMA 900i-series 3G handsets as well. With FeliCa mandatory on all new DoCoMo cellies from this summer on, and with crucial partners including KDDI and JCB already on board, FeliCa m-payment technology has a very good chance, we think, of reaching the company's 60-million-user target for Japan by 2008. If you're hoping to sell anything via mobile anywhere on planet Earth, this program is a must-see.

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