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Tech Bulletin #67: March 16, 2004

DoCoMo's Paradigm: Flat Rate Forces Shift

(From the WWJ Team, March 4, 2004)

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

Last Friday's NTT DoCoMo press briefing was an eye-opener as President Keichi Tachikawa hinted at the tectonic changes reshaping Japan's mobile data market. After reviewing the company's stance on US W-CDMA launch after the AT&T Wireless sale, he offered some insight into the giant carrier's plans for dealing with the the flat-rate data pricing "paradigm shift" instituted, he alleged, "too early" by an unnamed player (which would be arch rival KDDI). Finishing after just 10 minutes, Tachikawa's comments were brief, but the ensuing half hour of Q&A with the press offered a golden opportunity to quiz the prez on these and other issues—including e-commerce, 3G subscriber numbers, and FOMA handsets. If you want to know what Japan's No. 1 mobile operator is thinking, don't miss today's proggy.

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