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Tech Bulletin #68: March 25, 2004

3G Phone Becomes Guard Dragon Robot

(From the WWJ Team, March 10, 2004)

(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

It's a terrifyingly simple idea. "We thought, what if you could stick legs on a keitai?" says TMSUK's Tokyo Research Center Director Shin Furukawa. They did, and the result ain't a cutesy Aibo or a nearly singing and faintly swinging Sony entertainment 'bot, but boy is it practical. Here appears to be the world's first fully functional, walking, talking home security robot Banryu or "Guard Dragon," using a DoCoMo FOMA for its eyes and ears.It's on sale now in Japan for JPY 1.98 million, or about $18,000. We think you'll agree, this story really does have legs!

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