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Tech Bulletin #83: July 23, 2004

Fujitsu's New VoIP/PHS Handset

(From the WWJ Team, July 16, 2004)


(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

Earlier this week, NTT DoCoMo showcased a prototype 3G/WLAN combination phone carefully configured to make it useless for public hot spots. Against this, Fujitsu Labs and spinoff Net-2Com Corp. have developed something much more useful a VoIP/PHS phone aimed at the consumer market to be commercialized this fall, with CDMA, GSM, and other versions to follow "depending on market demand." WWJ treked over to the Fujitsu Solution Forum event in Tokyo recently to have a look at this breakthrough phone; we also took a test ride on Fujitsu Lab's new PDA unit running a virtual hotspot application that should be coming to reality near you sometime soon.

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