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Tech Bulletin #85: August 6, 2004

Macromedia's Flash Lite Shines

(From the WWJ Team, August 3, 2004)


(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

Flash has been an intricate part of the fixed line web for years, and with its launch on DoCoMo's 505i series handsets spring 2003, combined with their 3G FOMA models last fall, it has continued that well-established legacy onto mobile devices in Japan. With six major Japanese manufacturers already producing Flash enabled handsets they have further entrenched that footprint here by partnering with KDDI and rolling out on yet another batch of 3G phones. We caught up with Macromedia's Sr. Director of Marketing for Mobile and Devices, Anup Murarka, at KDDI's new model launch event in Tokyo recently and had a fascinating discussion about the past, present and future of Flash for wireless.

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