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Tech Bulletin #88: October 15, 2004

DoCoMo Presser: Notes from the Future

(From the WWJ Team, October 15, 2004)


(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

President Nakamura faced the Tokyo press on September 30 and did... not too bad a job. In a wide-ranging presentation followed by Q&A, he covered fuel cell R&D (commercialization after FY 2006), Softbank's moves to obtain 3G spectrum (vacating the spectrum tomorrow "cannot be done"), and Big D's global strategy (with a dual-mode GSM/W-CDMA handset, you can access both). Nakamura also talked about churn, competition with KDDI/au, and the possibility of abandoning pre-paid services. A post-fall IR Roadshow program that's not to be missed.

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