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Tech Bulletin #95: February 4, 2005

Two New V603s: Killer Swivel Clamshells

(From the WWJ Team, January 31, 2005)


(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

Vodafone raised the competitive bar a couple a couple notches today with the announcement [.PDF] of two new killer swivel clamshells phones: the V603T and V603SH (from Toshiba & Sharp; both 2G). The company said the V603SH is the first phone to feature a Motion Control Sensor that recognises and responds to movements. Jointly developed by Aichi Steel Corp. and Vodafone, the one-chip sensor allows customers to perform menu operations by moving the handset up, down, left or right. Vodafone think this will allow new possibilities with mobile gaming, such as aiming a gun by moving the handset while playing shooting games or swinging the phone like a golf club to hit a ball in golf games. Watch our video clip of the new V603SH above taken at the press event (shot with a V902SH handset); use Quick Time or Real Player to view the 3GPP-format video file.

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