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Tech Bulletin #96: February 16, 2005

3G FOMA 901i Launch

(From the WWJ Team, February 3, 2005)


(You can only see the preview on the GLOCOM Platform)

The 901i-series of 3G FOMA cell phones is DoCoMo's latest tactical weapon in Japan's escalating "lighter and smarter" mobile arms race. The four 901i handsets come packed with sophisticated go-go fun: twin stereo speakers and spatially enhanced sound; fat video and music files (500KB); pre-loaded games from Square Enix, Capcom and others; FeliCa smart-card e-wallet functions (in three models); 2-megapixel cameras; a TV guide for accessing TV program listings as far as eight days in advance (in one model) with genre and keyword searches including customized settings and registration for favorite TV shows plus it doubles as a remote control for TVs, DVD-Ds and VTR machines. Wow!

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