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Tech Report #2: February 26, 2002

ATIP Report Abstracts 2001: Part 2

Posted with permission from ATIP

2001 ATIP Report Abstracts: Part 2




This report contains short abstracts, a few sentences, for each of the ATIP year 2001 Reports. A typical ATIP Report is in two parts, one public portion, and one subscriber portion, although this report is totally public. In 2001, ATIP produced 58 reports (including this one) on technology developments in and around Asia. The following is the titles of the first 11 th through 20th reports (see the rest at the URL above or in this series on the GLOCOM Platform).

  • ATIP01.011 : KBCS 2000
  • ATIP01.012 : Australian Bioengineering
  • ATIP01.013 : High Performance Computing in New Zealand
  • ATIP01.014 : Thailand’s Telecommunications Industry
  • ATIP01.015 : Genome Informatics 2000
  • ATIP01.016 : Game Technology Conference (GTEC’01)
  • ATIP01.017 : Displays & Notebook Computer Manufacturing
  • ATIP01.018 : Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Initiatives: Update
  • ATIP01.019 : Quantum Computation in Europe
  • ATIP01.020 : Virtual Reality 2001 (VR'01)


2001 ATIP Technology Reports are numbered sequentially, atip01.001, atip01.002, etc.

Date: 6 Mar 2001
ATIP01.011 : KBCS 2000

ABSTRACT: This report reviews KBCS 2000, a conference organized by the National Centre for Software Technology, India in December, 2000. The theme of the conference was Artificial Intelligence. After an overview, some promising areas such as Machine Translation, Intelligent Search Techniques and alternate modes of interaction with machines through speech and script are described in some detail. The report also summarizes a few invited talks and panel discussions. Finally, it discusses trends and prospects for AI technology in the context of KBCS 2000.

Date: 9 Mar 2001
ATIP01.012 : Australian Bioengineering

ABSTRACT: This report provides an overview to bioengineering related activities in Australia and provides some examples of spin offs from university labs and Cooperative Research Centers. Bioengineering is not perceived as an independent discipline or research field in its own right in Australia, but is usually subsumed under the broad label of "biotechnology" and thus has received little specific attention from funding agencies or policy makers. Bioengineering activities in Australia remain focused on "biomedical engineering", although biological applications of microengineering and MEMS have received more attention from both the federal and state governments over the past few years, resulting in some novel cooperative research efforts. But, there are as yet only a few examples of a broader interaction of biological research and engineering.

Date: 14 Mar 2001
ATIP01.013 : High Performance Computing in New Zealand

ABSTRACT: High Performance Computing (HPC) in New Zealand is at a nascent stage, with present developments centred on the use and development of microprocessor based parallel scalable architectures. The report provides an historical perspective to current HPC developments, identifies key institutions with an interest in parallel computing, outlines present impediments to further developments, and notes future needs and prospects.

Date: 19 Mar 2001
ATIP01.014 : Thailand’s Telecommunications Industry

ABSTRACT: This report discusses the status of Thailand’s telecommunications industry including a description of the main organizations operating in that sector, the structure of the basic services, mobile telephony and Internet market segments. The current state of telecommunications reform in Thailand is also discussed.

Date: 23 Mar 2001
ATIP01.015 : Genome Informatics 2000

ABSTRACT: The eleventh in a series of annual workshops organized by the Human Genome Center at the University of Tokyo was convened in Tokyo on December 18-19 2000. Genome Informatics 2000 provided for a good opportunity to scrutinize bioinformatics activities in Japan. While research in the public sector has been increasing, following a surge in government spending for bioinformatics and genomics during the past two years, corporate activities are mostly concentrated in established IT or software companies, and there are very few start-ups. While there are a number of interesting developments in such areas as network analysis or the simulation of cellular processes, clinical bioinformatics appears to be still in its very infancy in Japan.

Date: 29 Mar 2001
ATIP01.016 : Game Technology Conference (GTEC’01)

ABSTRACT: The First Game Technology Conference (GTEC’01), and an accompanying exhibition, were held at the Hong Kong Convention Center, Jan 17-20 2001. Computer games and game platforms now utilize state of the art technology as well as research results. This report briefly summarizes the conference and implications for other application areas.

Date: 4 Apr 2001
ATIP01.017 : Displays & Notebook Computer Manufacturing

ABSTRACT: This report examines the relationships between Japanese notebook computer makers and flat panel display suppliers. In addition to information on practices in the notebook computer industry, it points to several competitive advantages available to US firms. This report should be of interest to those competing or cooperating with Japanese high-technology companies, as well as those considering adopting “Japanese-style” buyer-supplier relationships.

Date: 10 Apr 2001
ATIP01.018 : Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Initiatives: Update

ABSTRACT: This report provides a recent update on Nanotechnology initiatives, funding programs and related trends in Asia Pacific countries, particularly Japan, but also including China and Korea.

Date: 18 Apr 2001
ATIP01.019 : Quantum Computation in Europe

ABSTRACT: This report presents an overview of European activities in quantum computation (QC) research, development and applications, and includes a description of the major new research and development (R&D) projects developed and funded by the European Union (EU). An overview of the existing European programs and European laboratories that participate in the Network of Excellence are also included.

Date: 25 Apr 2001
ATIP01.020 : Virtual Reality 2001 (VR'01)

ABSTRACT: This report summarizes, VR'01, Virtual Reality 2001, a conference held 13-17 March 2001 in Yokohama Japan. VR'01 is competitive, with less than one third of submitted papers accepted. This report summarizes the most important presentations, posters, and demonstrations. A following ATIP report describes two related events, ISMR'01 (International Symposium on Mixed Reality), and MiRai'01 (exhibiting the final results of the Mixed Reality Systems Lab activities).

(to be continued)

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