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Tech Report #11: June 12, 2002

ATIP Report Abstracts 2002: Part 5

Posted with permission from ATIP




A typical ATIP Report is in two parts, one public portion, and one subscriber portion. The following is the titles of the reports published in May 2002 (see the rest at the URL above or in this series on the GLOCOM Platform).

  • ATIP02.018: The Rise of MEMS R&D in Asia, 1997-2002
  • ATIP02.019: HPC in Taiwan
  • ATIP02.020: China's Biochip Industry
  • ATIP02.021: Nanomaterials Research in India
  • ATIP02.022: Mobile Internet Navigation Services


Date: 1 May 2002
ATIP02.018: The Rise of MEMS R&D in Asia, 1997-2002

ABSTRACT: This report summarizes the development of MEMS in Asia based upon ATIP's findings over the past five years. References are to individual reports where further details are presented.

Date: 8 May 2002
ATIP02.019: HPC in Taiwan

ABSTRACT: This report summarizes research in High Performance Computing in Taiwan. Efforts are strongly dominated by the National Center of High Performance Computing that owns high-end computing facilities and research groups that closely collaborate with universities and government. Due to the breakthroughs in PC computing power, several research labs in Taiwan are engaged in high performance computing using PC clusters. While the research in Taiwan is generally similar to that in the U.S. and Europe, there are specific areas that are of particular interest to the Taiwanese. This report describes the important activities of high performance computing groups in Taiwan and the latest developments of the National Center of High Performance Computing since it was established nearly ten years ago.

Date: 15 May 2002
ATIP02.020: China's Biochip Industry

ABSTRACT: In this report, an update is provided of commercial efforts in Biochip research and development of known corporate and government/corporate entities in China. Additionally, activities of recent China-based start-ups in the Biotech field are outlined. For an earlier related report, please see "ATIP02.010: Biochip Research in China."

Date: 22 May 2002
ATIP02.021: Nanomaterials Research in India

ABSTRACT: Research on nanomaterials in India is still in a nascent phase, with the most active groups concentrated across a small number of public-funded institutions. However, these groups have established indigenous capabilities for the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials - nanoparticles, nanotubes and nanowires. This report describes ongoing research, as well as new government initiatives to boost nanotechnology activities. The report also discusses how India hopes to address challenges it will encounter in attempts to commercialize its nanoscience. Finally, we mention prospects for collaboration between Indian scientists and U.S. and Western researchers involved in nanotechnology.

Date: 29 May 2002
ATIP02.022: Mobile Internet Navigation Services

ABSTRACT: The term Location Based Services (LBS) refers to applications where the user, via a PC, PDA, phone (mobile or fixed), etc., sends and/or receives information that depends upon the user's location. Sometimes this is also referred to as Navigation-based Services. There is a growing interest in this area, mostly due to the proliferation of mobile devices worldwide. This report contains two distinct parts. First is a report on the current status of navigation services in Japan. Second is a taxonomy of organizations in Korea and Japan engaged in LBS activities.

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