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Tech Report #15: October 2, 2002

ATIP Report Abstracts 2002: Part 9

Posted with permission from ATIP

2002 ATIP REPORT ABSTRACTS: Part 9 (September)



A typical ATIP Report is in two parts, one public portion, and one subscriber portion. The following is the titles of the reports published in September 2002 (see the rest at the URL above or in this series on the GLOCOM Platform).

  • ATIP02.037: NanoScience Update: Polymers and Clusters
  • ATIP02.038: Snapshots of Recent Spintronics Research in Japan
  • ATIP02.039: Keio Universitys Institute for Advanced Biosciences
  • ATIP02.040: Chinese Biotech
  • ATIP02.041: Earth Simulator Update
  • ATIP02.042: IT trends & Taiwans Institute for Information Industry


Date: 4 September 2002
ATIP02. 037: NanoScience Update: Polymers and Clusters

ABSTRACT: Nanoscience research results presented at two conferences held in Japan in May 2002 are covered here. One was the annual meeting of the Society of Polymer Science, and one was a conference on cluster and nanoparticles

Date: 6 September 2002
ATIP02.038: Snapshots of Recent Spintronics Research in Japan

ABSTRACT: This report outlines significant technical advances made in Japan in the field of spintronics. Spintronics research, which is highly active in Japan, is fueled by promise of new and improved electronic devices. Possible applications of spintronics are in sensors, read heads for hard drives and MRAM devices.

Date: 11 September 2002
ATIP02. 039: Keio Universitys Institute for Advanced Biosciences

ABSTRACT: Set up in 1999 with a grant from the local government of Yamagata Prefecture, Keio University’s Institute for Advanced Biosciences exemplifies a new approach toward managing public sector research in Japan. Built around a strong conceptual framework, the research center provides a formidable research environment and a maximum of flexibility to young scientists. This report summarizes the new Institute and its plans for the future.

Date: 18 September 2002
ATIP02. 040: Chinese Biotech

ABSTRACT: This report provides a picture of the Chinese biotech industry from several perspectives. It explains its history and development summarizing the latest major research and development achievements and discusses the impact of government policies. The existing problems are also pointed out, together with possible future developments.

Date: 23 September 2002
ATIP02. 041: Earth Simulator Update

ABSTRACT: Management and project selection process for the Japanese Earth Simulator, the world’s fastest general-purpose computer, are described. We also provide basic information about the first projects that have been approved.

Date: 30 September 2002
ATIP02. 042: IT trends & Taiwans Institute for Information Industry

ABSTRACT: This report summarizes recent information technology (IT) developments in Taiwan. The IT roadmap in Taiwan is mainly proposed and implemented by III (Institute for Information Industry) in collaboration with companies and government. The main thrust in IT is related to hardware. There is growth in emerging IT areas such as broadband, LCD, and Internet appliances. This report surveys recent Taiwanese IT trends and how III contributes to IT development. For completeness, we also briefly describe one lab at ITRI, the Industrial Technology Research Institute.

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