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Tech Report #43: September 4, 2003

ATIP Report Abstracts 2003: Part 8

Posted with permission from ATIP

2003 ATIP REPORT ABSTRACTS: Part 8 (August)



A typical ATIP Report is in two parts, one public portion, and one subscriber portion. The following is the titles of the reports published in Augst 2003 (see the rest at the URL above or in this series on the GLOCOM Platform).

  • ATIP03.044 : Semiconductor IC Manufacturing Overview in China
  • ATIP03.045 : BioGrid'03
  • ATIP03.046 : Aerorobotic Vehicles for Disaster Assistance
  • ATIP03.047 : Patent Activities in India


Date: 5 August 2003
ATIP03.044: Semiconductor IC Manufacturing Overview in China

ABSTRACT: The present report summarizes recent semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing development in China. The high demand for ICs used in information technology (IT) products and IC cards in China has created a need for local fabrication foundries. Generally, government policies are quite favorable to the establishment, by foreign investors, of IC manufacturing facilities in China. A list of major IC manufacturing companies and their current technology is provided in this report.

Date: 11 August 2003
ATIP03.045: BioGrid'03

ABSTRACT: The present short report provides an overview of the BioGrid'03, the First International Workshop on Biomedical Computations on the Grid, which was part of the larger CCGrid'03 conference, held in Japan on May 12-15, 2003.

Date: 19 August 2003
ATIP03.041: Humanoid Robotics Project

ABSTRACT: In the event of a large-scale calamity, such as an earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption, or even terrorist attack, normal routes of transportation and means of communication may be cutoff and inaccessible. In these scenarios traditional rescue efforts might become slow or even non-existent. Additionally, without comprehensive information regarding the disaster scene, rescue workers would have an extremely challenging job in deciding how to prioritize their efforts. In some cases, a lack of information may cause further injury to victims or even to the rescue workers themselves. In order to address this issue, research is recently being performed in one of the world's disaster prone countries, Japan. The bulk of the research in Rescue Robotics thus far has been focused in the area of terrestrial-based robots. More recently however, within the area of Rescue Robotics, researchers have been exploring the possibly of using aerial robots or "aerorobots" to assist in disaster scenarios. This report outlines ongoing research efforts at three Japanese institutions in the field of "aerorobots for disaster assistance".

Date: 26 August 2003
ATIP03.046: Patent Activities in India

ABSTRACT: Indian intellectual property laws are by and large in line with those in the developed world. One contentious issue has been on product patents in certain areas, but two legislations have brought the Indian patent system closer to what developing countries want them to be. By the year 2005, India is supposed to fulfill all its obligations to the World Trade Organization (WTO), but there may be a delay. This report provides an overview of the Indian patent system with descriptions of its background, current status, and likely developments.

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