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Tech Report #71: January 5, 2005

China Science & Technology Digest:
August 15-31, 2004


This digest summarizes S&T-related articles that appeared in the media ATIP monitored in the second half of August 2004. Some articles reference a relevant website to assist readers in obtaining further information. For questions or to request additional information, please send email to The exchange rate used for this issue is RMB8.287 against the U.S. dollar.

China to Draft Long-Term Plan for Science & Technology Development
China is to map out a medium- and long-term plan for the development of science and technology along the following guidelines:
The development of science and technology should serve China's modernization drive, the all-round, coordinated, and sustainable economic and social development, and the development of a new-type of industrialization. This will involve focusing on:

  • identifying priorities
  • making enterprises the main entity in technological innovation
  • creating a sound environment for the work of scientists. China will employ outstanding scientific and technological personnel from around the world
  • making use of international resources as much as possible
    Source: Xinhuanews Agency 08/23/2004

    "China Chip" Hits Mobile Market
    China's first indigenous, third-generation, mobile phone chip has been developed. The 3-G chip was developed by the Shanghai branch of Spreadtrum Communications, a leading provider of wireless integrated circuits software solutions. The development of the chip will slash China's dependence on imported chips, which costs the country 10 billion dollars annually. Chips account for 50 to 70 percent of the cost of the phones.
    Source: Xinhuanews Agency 08/25/2004

    Digital Geospatial Maps of China under Construction
    The construction of digital maps of China is well under way. The digital China program is set to digitalize all of the country's natural and social resources information on the basis of geospatial information.
    Source: Xinhuanews Agency 08/26/2004

    China Develops Fast SARS Test
    Researchers at the Zhujiang Hospital of China's First Military Medical University have developed a low cost way to test patients with symptoms of the SARS virus in just a few hours. The test is as easy as a blood test.
    Source: Xinhuanews Agency 08/24/2004

    Nation's First Internet Games College Established
    China now has its first college to provide training for the Internet games industry. It is jointly launched by China's Ministry of Information Technology, the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council, and an Internet company in Beijing. The college was established because of the large demand in China for Internet game developers. It is estimated that 600 thousand Internet game talents are needed in this multi-billion industry.
    Source: Xinhuanews Agency 08/20/2004

    Free Meteorological Data Website Launched
    China has launched a free meteorological data website aiming to improve its on-line meteorology information sharing service. The website, operated by the China Meteorological Administration, is part of a scientific data sharing project initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The website provides data service on ground and upper air meteorological conditions, solar radiation, meteorological satellites, and scientific experiments.
    Source: Xinhuanews Agency 08/18/2004

    First Center for Cloned Cow Embryo Transplant Created
    China's first center for the transplant of cloned cow embryos has been established in Tangshan city in north China's Hebei province. The project is being conducted by the Chinese University of Agriculture in Beijing and the Lutai Business and Technology Development Zone in Tangshan, and will serve as a breeding base for cloned cows and bio-engineering service center in north China.
    Source: Xinhuanews Agency 08/17/2004

    China Advanced in Biological Gold Extraction Technology
    A gold extraction technology, called bio-oxidation, developed by China National Gold Group Corporation (CNGC) recently passed the national authentication. The technology is the result of more than ten years of research by the Changchun Gold Research Institute of the CNGC which in July last year developed a highly energy-efficient biological reactor that can process 100 tons of refractory gold ores each day.
    Source: People's Daily 08/31/2004

    China to Use the Bullet Train
    Chinese train manufacturer Nanche Sifang Locomotive and six Japanese companies have won the bid for China's new bullet train. The Chinese Railway Ministry's 12 billion US dollar project aims to double the speed of trains on five major existing railway lines to 200 kilometers per hour. The six Japanese companies are expected to offer a modified version of a Japanese Shinkansen bullet train, which can run at a top speed of 275 kilometers per hour. This marks the first major transfer of Japan's Shinkansen technology to China.
    Source: Xinhuanews Agency 08/30/2004

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