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Book Review #30: June 4, 2002

"Asia's Digital Dividends"

by David C. Michael and Greg Sutherland

Reviewed by Takahiro Miyao (GLOCOM)

Title: Asia's Digital Dividends
Authors: David C. Michael and Greg Sutherland
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (Asia)
Date/Time: 2002
Pages: English text 174 pages (Hardcover)
ISBN: 0-471-47917-9


This book tries to explain what is happening in the field of e-business in Asia-Pacific region. It consists of three parts. The first part describes the factors for e-business development and its impacts on business in the region. The second part presents building blocks for such development, including new wireless connections and new Internet agenda. The last part tries ot provides practical implications and suggestions for corporate executives in the field.

The authors point out the following key trends in the Asia-Pacific region

1) The region is likely to add over 150 million Internet users in the next four years.
2) Online-sales doubled in 2001, and especially, travel and financial services are becoming online at an unexpected pace.
3) More than 80% of online sales in the region belong to Asia's large companies.
4) Most leading companies in the region are introducing online approaches in their core businesses for their future success.

One of the interesting observations in this book is about NTT DoCoMo's i-mode. While the authors refer to i-mode as a pathbreaker in terms of money making business, they also warn that "DoCoMo's situation in Japan may have been close to unique, however, and i-mode's success may thus not be easily repeatable in other markets," since it commands a higher market share and a greater bargaining power over its business partners in Japan than its counterparts overseas in their respective home markets.

In conclusion, the authors emphasize the importance of information-sharing for business success by saying that "a new era of information architecture and technology is arriving, and overtime considerable investment is required. Much of the value in e-business opportunities will require information-sharing within and across organizations."

For related material, see Izumi AIZU "A Comparative Study of Broadband in Asia":

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