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Book Reviews (January - December, 2003)
#57 (12/24): "Well timed on Japan-ASEAN"
#56 (12/15): "Is Jong-il Evil?" by Michael Breen
#55 (11/26): "That Last Glorious Summer 1939: Shanghai - Japan" by Rena Krasno
#54 (10/30): "Doing Business with the Japanese: A One-stop Guide to Japanese Business Practice" by Geoffrey Bownas,
#53 (10/20): "Flyboys: A True Story of Courage" by James Bradley
#52 (6/2): "Brokered Homeland: Japanese Brazilian Migrants in Japan" by Joshua Hotaka Roth
#51 (2/17): "Japan's Asian Policy: Revival and Response" edited by Takashi Inoguchi
#50 (2/6): "Global Change: A Japanese Perspective" by Takashi Inoguchi
#49 (2/6): "Managing in the Next Society" by Peter F. Drucker
#48 (1/29): "BUSH AT WAR" by Bob Woodward
#47 (1/22): ""Marketing Without Wires" by Kim M. Bayne
#46 (1/14): ""M-Commerce" by Norman M.Sadeh
#45 (1/6): "Japanese Phoenix" by Richard Katz
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