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Book Reviews (January - December, 2001)
#14 (12/17): "Stock Market Capitalism: Welfare CapitalismóJapan and Germany versus the Anglo-Saxons"
by Ronald Dore
#13 (8/20): "From Battlefield To Boardroom"
by Dennis Laurie
#12 (7/26): Commentary on "Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan"
#11 (7/10): "Pearl Harbor" by Willmott and "Pearl Harbor: The Movie and The Moment" by Sunshine and Felix
#10 (6/12): "Princes of the Yen"
byRichard A. Werner
#9 (6/4): "Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan"
by Herbert P. Bix

#8 (5/14): "From Sun-rise to Sun-set: Japan in Britain's Newspapers 1990-2000"
by Ian Hargreaves, Sanna Inthorn and Tammy Speers
#7 (5/8): "The Asian Financial Crisis: Lessons for Resilient Asia"
ed. by Woo, Sachs and Schwab
#6 (4/14): "The Political Economy of the Asian Financial Crisis"
by Stephan Haggard
#5 (3/26): "American Stories" by Kafu Nagai and "Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami
#4 (3/12): "Can Japan Compete?"
by Michael E. Porter, Hirotaka Takeuchi, Mariko Sakakibara
#3 (2/12): "Asia's Financial Crisis and the Role of Real Estate"
edited by Koichi Mera and Bertrand Renaud
#2 (2/6): "Towards the Merger of Korea"
by O-Son-Fa
#1 (1/27): "The United States and Japan in 2000: Seeking Focus"
by John Hopkins University and International University of Japan
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