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Journal Abstracts #115: September 29, 2003

Annals of Business Administrative Science

Journal Name: Annals of Business Administrative Science: Vol.2, No.3 July 2003

Online ISSN: 1347-4456, Print ISSN: 1347-4464


The clarification of the tacit knowledge to assess non-profit organizations in Japan
A support center for non-profit organizations is a kind of intermediary focusing on the information and consultation in non-profit sector in Japan. This paper examines organizational assessment to Japanese non-profit organizations with the explicit knowledge transferred from the tacit knowledge in one grant-making foundation, The Nippon Foundation. In particular, while such evaluations are based on the more explicit evaluation criteria of (1) the characteristics of the organization and (2) the characteristics of the leader from evaluation data of 24 support centers in Japan, the more tacit and critical evaluation criteria of (3) planning ability and (4) organizational capability determine the total evaluations. This paper concludes that self-business approaches are important for the autonomic growth of non-profit organizations.

Keyword: non-profit organization, organizational assessment, discriminant analysis

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