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Journal Abstracts #126: February 13, 2004

Annals of Business Administrative Science

Journal Name: Annals of Business Administrative Science: Vol.3, No.1 January 2004

Online ISSN: 1347-4456, Print ISSN: 1347-4464


Exploring the Causal Model of 3D-CAD Technology: Interfirm Communication and Product Development Performance in Japanese Automobile Parts Industry
KU, Seung-Hwan
3D-CAD technology impacts the performance of product development in two ways. One is a positive effect that the use of the 3D-CAD decreases the number of problem solving cycles directly, so that development performance improves. The other is the negative effect that 3D-CAD increases interfirm communication, which increases the quantity of coordination. In conclusion, the overall phenomenon of a correlation between the use of 3D-CAD technology and improved performance cannot be seen, because the two effects of the 3D-CAD offset each other.

Keyword: 3D-CAD, product development, interfirm communication

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