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Weekly Review (January 2005 - )

#158: A Meeting at Bandung That Could Have Changed the Future of Japan-China Relations (4/28/'05)

#157: Japan Still Seeking Forgiveness Fifty Years Later (4/25/'05)

#156: Popular Protests Over Japan's Past Signal Problems For the Future (4/19/'05)

#155: Opinions Vary as to Role Japan Should Assume on UNSC (4/12/'05)

#154: East Asian Economic Community Idea Places Pressure on Japan (3/31/'05)

#153: Japan, a "Neutral" Arbiter in Israel/Palestine? (3/14/'05)

#152: Japan's Asylum Record Challenges Security Council Bid (2/28/'05)

#151: Japan and the Muslim World: The Dangers of Japan's Civilizational Model (2/15/'05)

#150: Japan has Vested Interest in Peace between Israel and Palestine (1/20/'05)

#149: Japan's Response to Tsunami Disaster Should be Commended (1/11/'05)

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