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Activity Report #42: June 18, 2004

Takahiro Miyao's Radio Institute of Global Communications: No. 8, June 6, 2004

Takahiro MIYAO (Professor, GLOCOM)

Partial transcript and translation from Prof. Miyao's Radio Program, posted here with permission of Radio Nikkei

Takahiro Miyao's Radio Institute of Global Communications: No. 8
Radio Nikkei daiichi hoso ; BS Radio Nikkei 300 ch.
Broadcast time:June 6 (Sunday) 19:00-19:30
Recording place:Recorded in Radio Nikkei's Studio
Program:1. Introduction
2. Virtual Discussion
3. Trend Research
4. Concluding Remarks
Audio: Radio Program  (Windows Media Player)
(Mainly in Japanese but some parts in English)
Asia Station Web site (in Japanese)


Hello, everyone. Normally I work at my Roppongi office in Tokyo, but today I am here in Los Angeles, California. So, I am sending you this program from Los Angeles, and will have a special guest today, who is working in the movie industry in Hollywood to talk about Japanese movies and other pop culture overseas. It should be quite interesting and exciting, so stay tuned.

Virtual Discussion

In order to save time for our interview corner, in this Virtual Discussion corner I just would like to mention two articles on East Asian Economic Community and Japan's FTA Policy. The first one is IUJ President Ippei Yamazawa's article "East Asian Community and Japan's Strategy" (http://www.glocom.org/opinions/essays/
, and the second one is China University of Commerce Professor Yoshihide Ishiyama's article "Japan's FTA Policy Does It Exist?" (http://www.glocom.org/opinions/essays/
. Professor Yamazawa and Professor Ishiyama have somewhat different opinions on Japan's current FTA policy, and you might be interested to compare and contrast their articles with each other.

Trend Research

Today we have a guest, Mr. Haseo Nakanishi, who has been active as a music composer and arranger for theaters, TV commercials, etc., in Japan and is now working in the movie industry here in Hollywood as a film music composer and arranger. I would like to ask him about the recent boom on Japanese movies and other pop culture here in the U.S.

(Interview with Mr. Nakanishi)

Mr. Nakanishi's opinion was very interesting and informative. According to him, the Japanese movie boom overseas seems to continue for some time to come, but at the same time there are many problems to be dealt with on the Japan side.

Closing Remarks

If you have any comment on today's program, please contact us through our Radio Nikkei hompage (www.radionikkei.jp/joho). Actually you can hear our past broadcast program on our homepage by clicking the "on-demand" section in the upper righthand corner. I hope you enjoyed today's program. Our next program will be on the first Sunday in July, that is, July 4. I will see you then.

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