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Social Trends

Series Lists

Attitudes towards the Police in Contemporary Japan

The Declining Birthrate in Japan

Family Issues and Japanese Social Policy

Family Trends

Foreign Direct Investment in Japan

Gender Equality in Japanese Education

International Marriages in Japan

Japan and the Middle East

Japanese Public Opinion on the Second Iraq War

Japan's 1993 Regime Change in Retrospect

Japan's Quest for a Permanent UN Security Council Seat

Japan's Territorial Disputes

Marriage and Divorce in Today's Japan Series

New Religious Cults in Japan

Poor Families in Today's Japan

Suicide in Japan

Trends in Japanese Higher Education

Women Advancing in Japanese Society

Women in Japanese Politics

Youth Trends in Japan

Sino(China)-Japanese Relations under the Koizumi Administration
[Editor's Note: The list here includes a number of articles posted outside of this section, which are indicated in italics. Although those articles are intended to be read separately and individually, they are included here for the readers who may be interested in other works by the author, compiled in accordance with the author's request.]
-- Thirtieth Anniversary of Sino-Japanese Ties: Still Many Rivers to Cross
-- Meteoric Rise in the Number of Chinese Students
-- Koizumi Keeps Sino-Japanese Ties Locked in the Past with Shrine Visit
-- Only Koizumi cannot go to China
-- Anti-foreign Rhetoric Risks Isolating Tokyo
-- Koizumi's Dangerous Game of Nationalism
-- Koizumi's Shrine Visits May Cost Japan China Deals
-- Island Dispute Damages Sino-Japanese Relations
-- Beijing and Tokyo Both Losers after Asia Cup
-- China Emerges as New Japan Investor
-- Yasukuni Shrine Continues to Poison Sino-Japanese Relations
-- Fukuoka murders put pressure on Japan's Chinese community
-- Submarine incident strains Japan-China ties
-- Hu warns Koizumi against going to Yasukuni
-- Beijing gives Koizumi a double-whammy
-- Japanese Business demands Koizumi moderate China policy
-- China's Popularity Plummets in Japan
-- Murder Trial Harms Japan-China Ties
-- US-Japan Accord Angers China
-- Protests threaten China-Japan economic ties
-- Japanese perspective on the current Tokyo-Beijing tensions
-- Japan becoming increasingly wary of China
-- China-Japan Relations under New Strain

-- China-Japan Timeline for May 2005
-- Tensions with China are polarizing Japan
-- China-Japan Relations under the Koizumi Administration Series: - China-Japan Timeline for June 2005
-- China-Japan Relations under the Koizumi Administration Series: - The Moral and Economic Case against Yasukuni Pilgrimages
-- China-Japan Relations under the Koizumi Administration Series: - The Case for Koizumi's Yasukuni Shrine Pilgrimages
-- China-Japan Relations under the Koizumi Administration Series: - What are the Solutions to the Yasukuni dilemma?
-- What Consequences Could Arise if Koizumi Continues to Visit the Yasukuni Shrine?
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