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Activity Report #71: January 13, 2006

Takahiro Miyao's Radio Institute of Global Communications: No. 27, January 1, 2006

Takahiro MIYAO (Professor, GLOCOM)

Partial transcript and translation from Prof. Miyao's Radio Program, posted here with permission of Radio Nikkei

Takahiro Miyao's Radio Institute of Global Communications: No. 27
Radio Nikkei daiichi hoso ; BS Radio Nikkei 300 ch.
Broadcast time:January 1 (Sunday) 19:00-19:30
Recording place:Recorded in Radio Nikkei's Studio
Program:1. Introduction
2. Virtual Discussion
3. Concluding Remarks
Audio: Radio Program  (Windows Media Player)
(Mainly in Japanese but some parts in English)
Asia Station Web site (in Japanese)


A happy new year, everyone. Today we offer a special program for the New Year's Day. Here, we have Mr. Keikichi Honda, well-known economist, as our guest to discuss about the prospects for the Japanese economy as well as for the global economy for the year 2006. I have known Mr. Honda for quite a long time, and we used to have a short-wave radio program to predict the future of the Japanese economy at the beginning of every year. Therefore, I am happy to have him on this special program today. It should be quite interesting, so please stay tuned.

Virtual Discussion

Today, we will have an interview with Mr. Keikichi Honda, Chairman of NCR Japan and Senior Fellow of the Japan Center for Economic Research.

(Interview with Mr. Honda in Japanese)

The following topics are covered in the interview:
1) General prospect for the Japanese economy for 2006.
2) Trends in domestic corporate activities
3) Household income and consumption
4) Deflationary/inflationary trends and monetary policy
5) Predictions for stock/real estate prices
6) Foreign demand and the Chinese economy
7) Exchange rate adjustments
8) Trends in the yen-dollar rate

Concluding Remarks:

If you have any comment on today's program, please contact us through our Radio Nikkei hompage (www.radionikkei.jp/joho). Actually you can hear our past broadcast program through our homepage. I hope you enjoyed today's program. Our next program will be on Sunday, February 5. In the meantime, please take it easy on your new year's holidays.

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