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September 11, 2002

One Year After Our "Urgent Message from GLOCOM"

Shumpei KUMON (Executive Director and Professor, GLOCOM)

Prof. Shumpei KumonIt has been almost one year since we posted our "Urgent Message from GLOCOM" in the aftermath of the 9/11 incident. In my message I condemned the brutal terrorist attacks and expressed my sympathy to those who were directly affected by this tragedy. I can still vividly remember what I experienced myself in New York on that day, as I happened to be there on a business trip.

I have since been enormously impressed by the courage and determination of the American public to overcome this difficulty of historic proportions, and by the fact that they have actually achieved a strong recovery socially and psychologically.

However, our efforts to fight terrorism have only just begun, and virtually nothing has been done to solve underlying problems such as poverty, insecurity and tyranny, which tend to create terror in our world.

A year ago I called for united efforts to exchange ideas through our network of friends and professionals in order to find ways to solve such underlying problems, and I have been trying my best to contribute. For example, we have been actively posting opinions and debates on issues related to this incident on our GLOCOM Platform, as we have received various comments from all over the world for the past year. We will continue our efforts to ensure that this kind of tragedy never happens again, and urge you to join our efforts through this Platform.

Shumpei Kumon: "Urgent Message from GLOCOM"

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