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[December 2005]
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "Increasing Importance of Japan's Communication with Global Community"
  • Toshihiko KINOSHITA "Toward a New Academic Discipline in Japan: International P2M Association"
  • Ralph A. Cossa "Yasukuni Shrine: Time to Make a Deal"
  • Joseph S. Nye "The Allure of Asia and America's Role"

  • [November 2005]
  • Shuntaro SHISHIDO, Akira KAWAKAMI, Motohiro KUROKAWA, A. MOVSHUK and Kiyoshi TAMASHIRO "Japan and Northeast Asia -- Policy Simulations with an Integrated Model: An Abridged Version"
  • Yotaro KOBAYASHI "In Memory of Mr. Sohei Nakayama, Founder of the International University of Japan"
  • Masahiko ISHIZUKA "Day Dawning for New Constitution"
  • Akio KAWATO "Is an "East Asian Civilization" in the Offing?"
  • Takamitsu SAWA "Students Need Analytical Skills"

  • [October 2005]
  • Toshihiko KINOSHITA "Strategic Recommendation for Sustaining and Expanding Japanese FDI in ASEAN: An Abridged Version"
  • Brad Glosserman "Koizumi's Dangerous Determination to Keep a Promise"
  • Atsushi SEIKE "Re-considering the Year 2007 Problem"
  • Yoshio HIGUCHI "Economic Disparity in Japanese Society: Fair and Efficient Labor Market is Essential"

  • [September 2005]
  • Yotaro KOBAYASHI "Importance of CSR for Corporations to Play a "Public" Role"
  • Brad Glosserman "Japan Goes Boldly - Backward?"
  • Takamitsu SAWA "Japan's Green Economic Edge"
  • Kazuhito IKEO "Corporate Tax Increase an Option?"

  • [August 2005]
  • Masahiko ISHIZUKA "Is Koizumi a 'Conviction Politician'?"
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "What to Do with Japanese Universities - A Proposal for Education Reform"
  • Masahiro KAWAI "Economic Integration of East Asia and the Exchange Rate Arrangement - A Currency Basket System Most Effective"

  • [July 2005]
  • Takamitsu SAWA "Economic White Paper: Cutting Butter with a Saw?"
  • Chi Hung KWAN "Reform of China's Foreign Exchange Rate System - A Stronger RMB Benefits China"

  • [June 2005]
  • Masahiko ISHIZUKA "Heroes or Villains at Yasukuni?"
  • Gregory Clark "Free to Take Exceptions to 'Free Trade'"
  • Toshihiko KINOSHITA "Urgent Appeal to Improve Japan-China Relations"
  • Takamitsu SAWA "Japan's Paradox of Wealth"

  • [May 2005]
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "Japan's Stance Toward the U.S. and China"
  • Anthony P D'Costa "Japan and India Need Each Other"
  • Takamitsu SAWA "University Gap Set to Widen"
  • Yutaka HARADA "Stage for Current Growth Decline Set in '70s"

  • [April 2005]
  • Yoshio HIGUCHI "Baby-boom Generation Approaches Retirement Age: Coping with a Depopulating Society"
  • Jiro USHIO "How to Utilize Japan's Resources for Tourism"
  • Takamitsu SAWA "The Price of a Clean Project"

  • [March 2005]
  • Takaaki WAKASUGI "Who is the Owner of a Company? Maximization of Shareholder Value is the Goal"
  • Masahiko ISHIZUKA "Give Education Policy a Chance"
  • Takamitsu SAWA "Let Taxes Spur Carbon Cuts"

  • [February 2005]
  • Koichiro HAYASHI "Digital Technology and Copyright: Need to Redesign the Present Analog-based Law System"
  • Gregory Clark "Racist Banner Looks Frayed"
  • Akio KAWATO "The Chinese Phenomenon and a Realignment in Asia"
  • Kuniko INOGUCHI "How Japan Can Help Build a World Without War"

  • [January 2005]
  • Toshihiko KINOSHITA "Economic Integration in East Asia and Japan's Role: Abridged Version"
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "An Emerging Security Triangle? A Japanese View"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "The Japanese Economy: 2005 and Beyond"
  • Yoshio Okawara and John Dower "America and Japan: the Next Century and a Half"
  • Michael Armacost "What's Ahead for U.S. Policy in Asia?"

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