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[December 2001]
  • Yoshihiro SUZUKI "Regulatory Reform and Policy Making Agents"
  • Shumpei KUMON "Towards Japan's Revival Through Collaboration"
  • Tatsuo HATTA "Economic Recovery Through Urban Revitalization"

  • [November 2001]
  • Jiro USHIO "Towards Structural Reform for Creating New Employment"
  • Toshio KURODA "Islamic Solidarity and Socio-Cultural Tradition"
  • Robert C. Fauver "Foreign Direct Investment in Japan: A Catalyst for Growth and Reform"

  • [October 2001]
  • Eisuke SAKAKIBARA "Reforming Japan's "Socialistic System""
  • Toshio KURODA "Islamic Extremists Violating the Islamic Law"
  • Yotaro KOBAYASHI "Building a Knowledge-based Society with Active Participation by Foreigners"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "Structural Reform: the Only Answer to the Revitalization of Japan"

  • [September 2001]
  • Tomohiko TANIGUCHI "US-China: A New Cold War? (Part 2)"
  • Tomohiko TANIGUCHI "US-China: A New Cold War? (Part 1)"
  • Koichi MERA "Official Development Assistance of Japan: Criticism and Suggestions"
  • Shumpei KUMON "Urgent Message from GLOCOM"
  • Masahiko AOKI "Beyond Bureau Pluralism"

  • [August 2001]
  • Nobuo TATEISI "Corporate Governance in Tomorrow's Japan"
  • Yoichi MORISHITA "Globalization and Japanese-Style Management"

  • [July 2001]
  • Nobuhiko SHIMA "Reform Approach By Those Who Are Not "Group-Minded""
  • Satoshi MORIMOTO "Foreign and Security Policy Issues for the Koizumi Administration"
  • Masahiko AOKI "The Value of Tacit Knowledge that You Gain in a Diverse Student Body"

  • [June 2001]
  • Atsushi SEIKE "Regulation Reform on Labor and Employment"
  • Yotaro KOBAYASHI "Public Expectations for the New Koizumi Administration"

  • [May 2001]
  • Yoshifumi NISHIKAWA "Financial Issues Toward the Structural Reform of Japan's Economy"
  • Miyohei SHINOHARA "The Merits of the Growth Cycle Model: Will the U.S. Face a Recession?"
  • Hiroshi OKUDA "Two Important Issues on Information Technology"
  • Shin-ichi KITAOKA "The Koizumi Administration -- Its Evaluation and Prospects"

  • [April 2001]
  • Shumpei KUMON "The Digital Divide Issue Revisited"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "Scholars, Go Back to Your Campus"

  • [March 2001]
  • Jiro USHIO "On the Mission of the "Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy" in Japan"
  • Hajime ONIKI "Who Owns the Spectrum in Japan?"

  • [February 2001]
  • Saburo KAWAI "Why Should Japan Give Economic Assistance?"
  • Yoshihiro SUZUKI "An Outlook of Japan-US Relations Under the Bush Administration"

  • [January 2001]
  • Tomohiko TANIGUCHI "US Taking 'Long Position' on Japan -- For Now"
  • Yoshihiro SUZUKI "The IT Revolution and Regulatory Reform"
  • Yoshihiko MIYAUCHI "Deregulation in Japan: Striving for Socio-Economic Transformation"
  • Norio OHGA "Seeking Action of Revulatory Reform for the 21st Century"
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