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Past Papers 2004  Latest Papers

[December 2004]
  • Ippei YAMAZAWA "Our Experience and Lessons in the Chuetsu Earthquake"
  • Yoshihiro SUZUKI "International Support for Dissolving Digital Divide"
  • Shuntaro SHISHIDO "Japanese Economy in 2010: Three Growth Alternatives"

  • [November 2004]
  • Jiro USHIO "Postal Privatization to Energize the Japanese Economy"
  • Miyohei SHINOHARA "Recent Problems in Macroeconomic Policy"
  • Kazuhito IKEO "Could the Proposed Two-tier Structure for Postal Reform Promote Efficiency?"
  • Takamitsu SAWA "Universities Lack Will to Reform"
  • Kikuo IWATA "Reflation Necessary for Sustained Economic Recovery"

  • [October 2004]
  • Brad Glosserman "Changing Asia Needs The U.S.-Japan Alliance"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "Convergence or Divergence"
  • Chi Hung KWAN "G7 and China - Closer Relationship Becoming Necessary for Both"
  • Gregory Clark "Economic Malaise -- Blame Supply-Side Policies"

  • [September 2004]
  • Takatoshi ITO "Vitalize Japan's Economy with Foreign Workers - Nurses or Entertainers?"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "Asset Price Bubbles - What Have We Learned?"
  • Heita KAWAKATSU "Japan Should Seek "Maritime Civilization" in East Asia"
  • Brad Glosserman "Troubling Signs for Japan-China Relations"

  • [August 2004]
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "Japan's Soft Power Reconsidered"
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "Rethinking the International Order in East Asia: Neither War Nor Peace"
  • Kikuo IWATA "Inflation Target Needed, Not a Reference Rate"

  • [July 2004]
  • Takeshi SASAKI "Political Agenda after the Upper House Election - Need to Show a Blueprint of the Government for the 21st Century"
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "Toward Cooperative Development between Japan and China"
  • Masahiro OKUNO and Keita NISHIYAMA "Assessment and Disclosure of Intellectual Assets Needed"

  • [June 2004]
  • Haruo SHIMADA "Japan needs fresh capital and workforce - Promote FDI into Japan to invigorate its economy"
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "America and Japan: the political is personal"
  • Yotaro KOBAYASHI "A New Profile for Japan"
  • Takatoshi ITO "Geopolitical Risks in the Global Economy"

  • [May 2004]
  • Yoshihide ISHIYAMA "Japan's FTA Policy...Does It Exist?"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "The Chinese economy, the Renminbi, and Japan-China relations"
  • Ippei YAMAZAWA "East Asian Community and Japan's Strategy"
  • Jiro USHIO "Koizumi Reform is Making Steady Progress"

  • [April 2004]
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "Asian Regional Integrations: Its Potential, Its Limits, and Lessons Learned from Europe"
  • Takashi SHIRAISHI "Hostage crisis a matter of reconciling 2 norms"
  • Ken JIMBO "Why is Japan sending SDF troops to Iraq?"
  • T. J. Pempel "East Asian Regionalism"

  • [March 2004]
  • Ken-ichi IMAI "Leading the World with Unique Culture - New Kyoto Model: Recognition of Creativity in Everyday Life"
  • Seiichi TOSHIDA "Underestimated Growth Potential of Japan"
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "Social Capital in Ten Asian Societies"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "The Essence of the Chinese Currency Problem"
  • Yoshi TSURUMI "President George Bush and the Gilded Age"

  • [February 2004]
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "Japan's Role in International Currency Negotiation"
  • Takamitsu SAWA "Government Control and Free Market: Need for a Complimentary Relationship"
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "The AsiaBarometer : Its Aim, Its Scope, Its Strength ・Abridged Version"

  • [January 2004]
  • Akihiko TANAKA "Global War Against Terror and East Asia"
  • Ippei YAMAZAWA "Can APEC Achieve Its Bogor Goals?"
  • Ichiya NAKAMURA "Policies on Contents Need to be Established -- A new strategy for the "Digital Era"
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "A Couple of Specific Policy Proposals to Inculcate a Culture of Non-Violence among War-Affected Children"

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