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[December 2003]
  • Shumpei KUMON "New Year's Wish for GLOCOM Platform 2004"
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "Japan Must Play Leading Role in Forming Asian Economic Community"
  • Noboru HATAKEYAMA "Failure of FTA Negotiation with Mexico Signals Trouble for Japan"
  • Takashi SHIRAISHI "Japan Must Promote Policies to Cope with the Transforming World and East Asia"

  • [November 2003]
  • Ippei YAMAZAWA "Between the Ideal and Reality of International Education"
  • Naosumi ATODA "Pension Benefits Must Balance with Realistic Level of Contributions"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "The Revival of Japan, Is It Real?"

  • [October 2003]
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "Does Identity Matter in Facilitating or Hindering Regional Cooperation in East Asia?"
  • Yotaro KOBAYASHI "Will Manifestos Change Japan's Politics?"
  • Haruo SHIMADA "Housing Market Reform a Key to Japan's Economic Recovery"
  • Kazuhito IKEO "Is Revitalizing the Banks Enough?"

  • [September 2003]
  • Yoshio HIGUCHI "Policies Needed to Avoid Immobilization of Income Levels "
  • Jiro USHIO "Reform Must Continue in Japan"
  • Yutaka HARADA "Is there reason to be pessimistic about Japan's declining population?"
  • Fumiaki KUBO "Long-term Trends and Short-term Fluctuations in American Politics"
  • Atsushi SEIKE "The Evolving Shape of the Job Environment"

  • [August 2003]
  • Takashi SHIRAISHI "War on Terrorism in Southeast Asia"
  • Chi Hung Kwan "A Stronger Yuan Should Benefit not Japan but China Itself"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "What is "Asia" from Global Perspectives?"

  • [July 2003]
  • Seiji SHINPO "Further Quantitative Easing Needed to Stop Deflation"
  • Shumpei KUMON "An Evolutionary View of Modernization: The Last Modern Perspective"
  • Takatoshi ITO "New Ideas Needed to Foster Asian Bond Market"

  • [June 2003]
  • Akihiko TANAKA "New Phase of Cooperation Among States After the Iraqi War"
  • Takenori INOKI "The New Century Demands Japan's "Spirit of Capitalism""
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "Political Science in Three Democracies, Disaffected (Japan), Third-Wave (Korea) and Fledgling (China)"
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "Rethinking Japan as an Ordinary Power"
  • Hugh Cortazzi "Change Hasn't Halted Decline"

  • [May 2003]
  • Kenichi OHNO "Clear Principles Needed for Supporting Iraq"
  • Yotaro KOBAYASHI "New Corporation Evaluation Standard to Revitalize Private Companies"
  • Kazuhito IKEO "Resona bailout: Nationalization is only the beginning"
  • Ralph Cossa "Pyongyang's Dangerous Game"

  • [April 2003]
  • Jiro USHIO "To Regain Dynamism of Japanese Economy"
  • Kenzo UCHIDA "Caught between Iraq and a North Korean hard place"
  • T. J. Pempel "The Future of U.S.-Japan Economic Relations"
  • Ronald Dore "The American Project and the UN's Mission"
  • Gregory Clark "Lessons of Iraq: Alternatives to Pummeling"

  • [March 2003]
  • David Walton "Contemporary Issues in Australia Japan Relations: political-security ties"
  • Takashi SHIRAISHI "Japan's Contribution to "Post-War" Iraq"
  • Shumpei KUMON "Our Message to the World After the War in Iraq"
  • Takatoshi INOGUCHI "Governance Across Borders in Northeast Asia: Shaping and Sharing Identities, Ideas, Interests and Institutions"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "Japan at the Brink"
  • Toshihiko FUKUI "Deflationary Virus Spreading Worldwide"
  • Ronald Dore "A Dramatic Week in the History of the United Nations"

  • [February 2003]
  • Hisahiko OKAZAKI "Security Alliance Matters Most"
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "Japan's Ambition for Normal Statehood: An Abridged Version"
  • Monzurul Huq "Japan and the Developing World: the Unequal Equals"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "China vs. Japan: Part 2 Future Prospects and Policies"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "China vs. Japan: Part 1 Changing Perception and Reality"

  • [January 2003]
  • Peter Tasker "St. Augustine Versus SM Economics"
  • Shumpei KUMON "New Year's Wish for Our GLOCOM Platform"
  • Ronald Dore "Advantages not Lightly to be Thrown Away"
  • Masahiko AOKI "Japan Needs Paradigm Shift for the State"
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