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[December 2000]
  • Tomohiko TANIGUCHI "Time to Think the Unthinkable: Responding to Rich Armitage's Paper"
  • Yotaro KOBAYASHI "Japan's Individualism in Globalization Trends"

  • [November 2000]
  • Shumpei KUMON "Netizen and the Information Society at a Crossroad: Facing the Emergence of 'Cyber Activism'"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "Structural Change and Deregulation in the Japanese Financial Service Sector"

  • [October 2000]
  • Alan Westin "Comments on Japan's Network Culture and the IT Revolution"
  • Shumpei KUMON "Overcoming the Paradox in the Information Society - Horizontal Digital Divide in Japan and the U.S."
  • Shumpei KUMON "Review and Future Plan of the GLOCOm Platform"
  • Yotaro KOBAYASHI "Implications of Globalization and the IT Revolution on Japanese Corporate Culture-The Essentials for Managers in the 21st Century"

  • [September 2000]
  • Atushi MIZUNO "For the Bank of Japan: Implication of Termination of Zero Interest Rate Policy"
  • Mitsuhiro FUKAO "Against the Bank of Japan: The Right Way to End the Zero Interest Rate Policy"
  • Jiro USHIO "On U.S.-Japan Relations in the 21st Century

  • [August 2000]
  • Masahiko AOKI "The Japanese Firm May be Becoming too Rigid for Information-Sharing in the Digital Age"
  • Taizo NISHIMURO "Management Innovation: Toward a New Corporate Model

  • [July 2000]
  • Shuzen HOKAMA "The Complex Character of Okinawan Culture"
  • Takashi IMAI "Japan and the IT Revolution"
  • Jiro Kokuryo "The Role of Japan in the IT Revolution"
  • Teruyasu MURAKAMI "Japan's Role in Overcoming the Digital Divide"

  • [June 2000]
  • Shuzen HOKAMA "The Ryukyu Kingdom in Asian History"
  • Takenori INOKI "Japan's Culture and Globalization - Importance of Real Human Contacts"
  • Yotaro KOBAYASHI "Japanese Corporate Culture and Globalization"

  • [May 2000]
  • Yukiko FUKAGAWA "Japan-Korea FTA as a New Initiative in East Asia: Beyond Bitterness"
  • Toyoo GYOHTEN "Revitalization of Asia"
  • Chi Hung Kwan "Sayonara Dollar Peg - Asia in Search of a New Exchange Rate Regime

  • [April 2000]
  • Takashi INOGUCHI "The Future of Liberal Democratic Party Politics: Obuchi's Legacy"
  • Kenzo UCHIDA "The End of the Obuchi Administration"

  • [January 2000]
  • Shumpei KUMON "Time to Push Japan's Telecom Policy Reforms"
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