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Past Seminars (February - December, 2002)
[GLOCOM Platform Seminar 2002]
December Meeting: 12/3 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "The Japanese Family in the Global Age: An International Comparison" in English
by Sean Curtin (Professor, Japanese Red Cross University)
  Part II:  "The Japan Brand: What is the Nation's Attractiveness?" in Japanese
by Misako Ito (Editor in Chief, Gaiko Forum)
November Meeting: 11/6 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Government, Information Technology and the Citizen: UK and Japan" in English
by Richard Buttrey (Visiting Fellow, NIRA)
  Part II:  "Weekly Review and EU Report for GLOCOM Platform" in Japanese
by John de Boer (Tokyo University, GLOCOM Platform)
September Meeting: 9/10 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Innovation in Japan: Comparison with France" in English
by Francois Brown de Colstoun
  Part II:  "Global Experience in 30 year ITOCHU Life" in Japanese
by Kanzo Kobayashi
July Meeting
  Part I:  "Media Disclosure Practices at Japanese and U.S. Corporations"
by Edmund Klamann
  Part II:  "Recent Developments in the Internet and PR Activities"
by Tsuruaki Yukawa
May Meeting
  Part I:  "Future Prospects for Journalism in Japan"
by Tsuruaki Yukawa
  Part II:  "In Pursuit of Online Community Media"
by Tomomi Tsubota
April Meeting
  Part I:  "Corporate English Language Education in Japan: Motivation, Customization and Accountability"
by Daniel P. Dolan and Andrew Smith Lewis
  Part II:  "On International Human Resource Training in Japan"
by Masaru Furukawa
March Meeting
  Part I:  "The U.S. Perspective on Japan: Financial Market Deregulation, Restructuring and the Future of the Japanese Economy"
by Louis Ross
  Part II "Japan as Reported in the U.S."
by Akiko Kashiwagi
February Meeting
  Part I:  "Changes in Domestic and Foreign Media in the Market Era"
by Yoshiji Makino
  Part II:  "Japan as Reported Overseas"
by Keiko Chino
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