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Past Seminars (January 2004 -)
[GLOCOM Platform Seminar 2004]
December Meeting : GLOCOM Platform Seminar: 12/2 at GLOCOM Hall
  "Industry-Academia Cooperation: IT-aided Educational Program for 5 Asian Universities" in Japanese
 by Toshihiko Kinoshita (Professor, Waseda University)
October Meeting : IUJ-GLOCOM Platform Joint Seminar: 10/8 at GLOCOM Hall
  "Practice of 'Kantei' Diplomacy" in Japanese
 by Professor Tomohito Shinoda (International University of Japan)
September Meeting : IUJ-GLOCOM Platform Joint Seminar: 9/14 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Behavior of Japanese Banks in the Asian Financial Crisis" in Japanese
 by Mr. Hiroshi Tokumaru (Bank of Japan and Saitama University)
  Part II:  "Rekishi Wakai (Historical Reconciliation) in Northeast Asia" in Japanese
by Mr. Andrew Horvat (Japan Representative,The Asia Foundation)
August Meeting : GLOCOM Platform Seminar: 8/31 at GLOCOM Hall
  "North Korea: The Never Ending Enigma - How to View the Jenkins Issue" in English
 by Chadwick Smith (International University of Japan)
July Meeting : IUJ-GLOCOM Platform Joint Seminar: 7/30 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "China - Japan: Major Business and Economic Issues for 2004-2005" in English
 by Dr. Rene Duignan (Central Bank of Italy and Aoyama Gakuin University)
  Part II:  "Recent Developments in the US Presidential Election" in Japanese
by Tatsuhiko Yoshizaki (Sojitz Research Institute)
June Meeting : IUJ-GLOCOM Platform Joint Seminar: 6/11 at GLOCOM Hall
  "Presidential Election and US Economy" in Japanese
 by Akihiko Yasui (Mizuho Research Institute)
May Meeting : IUJ-GLOCOM Platform Joint Seminar: 5/10 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "East Asian Economic Community and Japan's Strategy" in Japanese
 by Ippei Yamazawa (President, IUJ)
  Part II:  "Asia Barometer: Social Capital in Asian Societies" in Japanese
by Takashi Inoguchi (Professor, University of Tokyo)
April IUJ-GLOCOM Joint Meeting: 4/4 at GLOCOM Hall
    "Iraq - Its Current Situation and Future Prospects" in Japanese
 by Motohiro Ohno (Middle East Research Institute of Japan)
March Meeting: 3/23 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Are Foreign Correspondents in Japan Going Extinct?" in English
by Lucy Craft (Freelance Journalist)
  Part II:  "Communication, SOHO and Childcare" in Japanese
by Shizuka Sugihara (Former C. Itoh staff member)
February Meeting: 2/19 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Japan's Pop Culture-Hello Kitty" in English
by Ken Belson (New York Times) and Brian Bremner (Business Week)
  Part II:  "Japan's Soft Power Index" in Japanese
by Yoshiyuki Sodekawa (Dentsu Consumer Research Center)
January Meeting: 1/29 at GLOCOM Hall
  "Iraq and Japan-US Relations" in Japanese
by Yoshihiro Tsurumi (Professor, City University of New York)
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