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Past Seminars (February 2005 -)
[GLOCOM Platform Seminar 2005]
November Meeting : Platform Seminar: 11/30 at Waseda University, Kenkyu-kaihatsu center (R&D Center)
  Part I:  "Japan-China - Economic Issues for 2006" in English
 by Dr. Rene Duignan (Bank of Italy: Aoyama Gakuin University)
  Part II:  "Japan-China relations and Asian Economic Community" in English
by Mr. Toshihiko Kinoshita (Professor, Waseda University)
April Meeting : IUJ-GLOCOM Platform Joint Seminar: 4/27 at Conference Room of Tokyo Office, International University of Japan
  "Historical Evoluation of Working Japanese" in Japanese
 by Ronald Dore (Professor, University of London)
March Meeting : GLOCOM Platform Seminar: 3/14 at GLOCOM Hall
  "The Era of Participatory Journalism" in Japanese
 by Tsuruaki Yukawa (GLOCOM Fellow, and Senior Staff Writer, Jiji Press)
Stanford Meeting : GLOCOM Platform Stanford Seminar: 2/24 at Stanford University
  Part I:  Introduction;  by Takahiro Miyao (Professor, GLOCOM)
Video Presentation 1: Seiichiro Yonekura (Professor, Hitotsubashi University) Topic: "Japanese games"
Video Presentation 2: Larry Kubota (GLOCOM Fellow) Topic: "Japanese movies"
Comments: Takahiro Miyao, John deBoer (Post-doctoral Fellow, Stanford University)
  Part II:  Topic:;  "Japanese and Asian Pop Culture"
Moderator: Takahiro Miyao
Participants: Stanford Researchers and Students
February Meeting : IUJ-GLOCOM Platform Joint Seminar: 2/14 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Challenges of the Knowledge Societies in Europe and Asia" in English
 by Mr. Teppo Turkki (GLOCOM Fellow, Visiting Research Fellow, Waseda University)
  Part II:  "Industrial Revitalization Policy and Cluster Formation: Example of Greater TAMA Region" in Japanese
by Mr. Yukio Takagaki (Professor, Surugadai University)
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