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Past Seminars (February 2006 -)
[Platform Seminar 2006]
December Meeting : Platform Seminar: 12/6 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "North Korea and Japan in Asia" in Japanese
 by Dr. Masahiro Sakamoto (Vice President, Japan Forum for Strategic Studies)
  Part II:  "Japan-US Relations and Korean Peninsula" in English
by Mr. Sam Jameson (Journalist/Writer)
October Meeting : Platform Seminar: 10/26 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Indian Economy and Challenges" in English
 by Dr. Sanjay Seth (Knowledge Links)
  Part II:  "Japan's relations with N. Korea, S. Korea, China and the U.S." in Japanese
by Prof. Toshihiko Kinoshita (Waseda University)
September Meeting : Platform Seminar: 9/27 at GLOCOM Hall
  Part I:  "Economic Issues on China and India" in English
 by Dr. Rene Duignan (Aoyama Gakuin University, Bank of Italy)
  Part II:  "Challenge for Japan's New Administraion: Japan-Asia Relations" in Japanese
by Mr. Yoshisuke Iinuma (Oriental Economist)
July Meeting : Platform Seminar: 7/27 at Institute for International Socio-Economic Studies, Conference Room
  Part I:  "Knowledge Assets and Transfer in an International Joint Venture: An Example" in English
 by Mr. Morio Taneda (Software Architect, Sony Ericsson)
  Part II:  "Challenges for Japanese Software Business - Its Global Development" in Japanese
by Mr. Kanzo Kobayashi (IT Coordinators Association, Japan)
June Meeting : Platform Seminar: 6/13 at Waseda University R&D Center
  Part I:  "Innovation in Optical Lenses: How Japanese Makers of Digital Cameras and Mobile Camera Phones Are Facing Global Competition" in English
 by Dr. Nathalie Cavasin (Visiting Researcher, Global Information and Telecommunication Institute, Waseda University)
  Part II:  "The Science Communication Project in Japan" in Japanese
by Mr. Shingo Hamada (Affiliated Fellow, Science and Technology Foresight Center, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science and Technology, Japan)
March Meeting : Platform Seminar: 3/14 at Waseda University R&D Center
  Part I:  "India's IT Industry and its Relations with Japan" in English
 by Dr. Anthony D'Costa (Professor, University of Washington)
  Part II:  "International Association of P2M and International Business Education" in Japanese
by Mr. Toshihiko KINOSHITA (Professor, Waseda University)
February Meeting : Platform Seminar: 2/10 at Institute for International Socio-Economic Studies, Conference Room
  Part I:  "Creative Cities: Developments in Global Media Cities" in English
 by Dr. Larry Kubota (GLOCOM Fellow, Hitotsubashi University)
  Part II:  "Japan's Soft Power and Creativity" in Japanese
by Dr. Motohiro Tsuchiya (Keio University)
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